Spheres of Empowerment


Because spheres have no beginning and no end, they represent completion, fullness, balance and possibilities. They’re wonderful for keeping energy moving within a space and for this reason are fantastic to place in corners and the center of a space.

6 Ways to Empowerment with Spheres


Spheres are the easiest stone form to divine with, because all things are possible within the shape of a sphere and they are fantastic containers for energy and information, which they release gently and evenly.


Rolling a Sphere on part of your body can physically tension, stress and soreness. Energetically, they can help you to target the specific, innate energies of the stone type to a certain area. They are not good for general body work though, you must be very specific in your stone choices to your needs on that specific area. 40mm spheres are a great size for this.


Spheres represent wholeness, so carrying them within your Auric Field can help to bring balance and wholeness to your life in general, and since they radiate energy in perfect, even waves, in all directions, it’s a very gentle way to enjoy their innate energies to support other work you are doing with larger versions of those stones. 20mm spheres are perfect for this.


Spheres in jewelry form are a great way to test out how you react to the energy of a specific stone type because they have the gentlest energy transference of all shapes. Until you have completed Body Alchemy classes, so that you understand about Core Universal Master Stones for your Master Energetic System, I recommend mainly utilizing round bead bracelets, because you have Energy Meridians that run through your wrist that connect to all of the Core Master Chakras within your body. For wearing spheres in other jewelry, make sure you pay attention to how you feel when wearing it and 4C it often.


Choose your spheres to meditate with carefully, by their innate energy, paying attention to which hand you hold them in. Projective hand for energies that you want to remove from yourself (making sure to 4C your sphere afterward), or for innate energies of the stone that you want to bring into your environment. Receptive hand for energies that you want to bring into your Master Energetic System, or for simply exploring that stone’s unique energy, getting to know it.


Since spheres radiate energy gently and evenly in all directions, they are wonderful in your environment. For affecting the energy of an entire room, size matters greatly. Spheres over 3 inches are required for this (with a few stone type exceptions) and the larger the space, the larger the sphere will need to be. Since all stones have an auric field just like we do, that is the area of space around them that they can influence, so put them as close to the center of a space as you can. Spheres of 2 – 3 inches will influence roughly 3 – 5 feet around them, with a few exceptions by stone type. Spheres smaller than that will need to be within your auric field (usually 3 feet around your body) to influence your energy. Choose your stone types for placement in each room carefully. For example, quartz is extremely high energy, (if it’s a quality stone), and wouldn’t be the greatest idea in the bedroom or anywhere that you want calm and relaxation.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~

Robin Zendayah

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