ˈān-jəl -īt 
Chakras: Core Universal Master Fine Tuning stone for the High Crown Chakra, and fine tuning stone for the Throat Chakra
Energy: Receptive & Projective
Element: Air & Water
Planet: Neptune & Uranus

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Core Universal Master Stone of Psychic Development

Body Alchemy:
Rejuvenation, regeneration, youth and heightened senses.
Anxiety, calm, self-forgiveness, creativity, balancing, spoken word, speaking truth, bringing peace, tranquility, focus, and overcoming challenges.


Soul Alchemy:

For angelic communication, it is fantastic! Combine with apophyllite, and celestite/celestine for this purpose. 

Spirituality, astral travel, harmony on many planes, telepathy, universal truth, Stone of Conscious Awareness, Fear of truth, and Oneness.        

Environmental Alchemy:

Environmental sized pieces (3+ inches) can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.

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