Blue Sapphire

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Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

Element: Earth

Energy: Receptive

Number: 8 & 11

Planet: Saturn

Astrological: Capricorn & Virgo


Body Alchemy:




Intellectual stimulation, clear thinking, clarity on the path to achieve your goals. integrity, eloquence, loyalty, peace, awareness, devotion, enlightenment, and trust.




Soul Alchemy:

Accessing Universal Wisdom. Psychic development; especially clairvoyance, channeling, intuition, & claircognizance. Bridging the gap between your mind and intuition. Connecting to higher realms, dimensions, and planes of existence. Earth-based Elemental Magick.


Environmental Alchemy:

Environmental sized pieces (1+ inches) can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.



Excellent for teachers, coaches and anyone who offer wisdom to others.


Blue Sapphire: Adornments for Your Body

Blue Sapphire: Adornments for Your Space

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