Calligraphy Stone - Script Stone

Calligraphy Stone  
AKA script stone, elephant skin jasper, Chinese writing stone, cobra stone, Arabic stone, Sea Fossil Jasper, Shu Fa, Coquina Jasper  

Chakra:Third Eye, Crown & Solar Plexus  
Energy:Projective & Receptive  
Element:Earth & Fire  
Number: 6  
Planet:Earth & Sun  
Zodiac: Pisces  

These stones are found in the Himalayan mountains of India, and are comprised of fossilized shell, Iron & Hematite.  

Body Alchemy:  
General healing, skin, scalp, menstruation, high blood pressure, detox, tissue repair, anemia, bone marrow, inflammation, mobility.  
Calm, wholeness, serenity, clarity, high stress situations, depression & positive attitude.  
Releasing emotional trauma  

Soul Alchemy:  
Astral travel, past life recall, releasing negative repeating patterns, mediumship, Akashic Records, automatic writing, spirit guide communication, & accessing Karmic Gifts. 

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