Chlorite Included Quartz

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· Phantoms carry the innate energies of growing beyond our expectations, protection during times of new growth.

· Phantoms represent the many phases and the many types of life which may be experienced during one’s lifetime.

· It can assist in connecting with the higher realms of knowledge within the records of one’s progression through past lives.

· It provides to heal the emotional and physical situations which may be of consequence to the knowledge gained from past lives.

· It is an excellent stone for communicating with spirit guides.

· It symbolizes universal awareness and can be used for redemption and cleansing of the earth. The energy of the phantom works to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet.


Chlorite Included Quartz

Chakra: Earth Star

Element: Earth

Energy: Receptive & Projective

Number: 4

Planet: Earth

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo


Core Universal Master Stone of Releasing That Which No Longer Serves


Body Alchemy:


Purification, aligning & unblocking meridians, Master Healer (not for cancer), detoxification, assimilate minerals &vitamins, (especially A and E, iron, magnesium and calcium), and promotes 'friendly bacteria' growth. Skin conditions, liver spots, pain relief, thymus, antiviral & cellular healing.


Frustration & forgiveness.


Releasing anger

Soul Alchemy:

Ancestral line issues, psychic protection, connecting with the Earth & nature, the plant kingdom, devas, Fae, animal spirit guides, healing guides, ancient wisdom, understanding who you are at Soul Level, recognizing & releasing negative repeating past life patterns, & past life recall.

Environmental Alchemy:

Planetary Healing. Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.


Chlorite Included Quartz: Adornments for Your Body

Chlorite Included Quartz: Adornments for Your Space 

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