Please do not order a certificate for a masterclass, program, course etc. that you have not earned, we will verify that you have earned it.

    If you choose to order a certificate that you have not earned, you will not receive it, or a refund. You will be issued a gift card, minus a 20% "Pain in the Ass" fee, for www.robinzendayah.com and your order will be marked fulfilled. Just don't do it.

    If you have earned your certificate, congrats!!! You have two options to choose from:

    • Email delivery and you print it (free)
    • Professionally printed and mailed to you via USPS priority mail. (Not free. We charge you what it costs us to have yours professionally printed and the wholesale cost of the protective folder it comes in.)


    Professionally Printed Options

    There are two options for professionally printed, United States or International. If yours is not being mailed to a U.S. address, please choose the International option.

    Remember, there are more costs associated with shipping/mailing things to you besides the cost of the shipping label. Costs like packing materials, paper, ink, and paying someone to pull and pack yours.

    International Shipping

    If you have an international address, and it costs more than what you are initially charged for shipping to ship to you, yours will not ship until you pay the invoice we will send you via the email address you have on file for the difference in shipping cost. This is necessary because we ship worldwide and the cost to ship internationally varies by country. If you do not pay this invoice within 1 week, your order will be cancelled, and you will receive a gift card to www.robinzendayah.com for the amount of your order minus a 20% restocking fee.

    We are not responsible for any additional fees you may incurr associated with you receiving your package. It is also your responsibility to know what those are beforehand. We will not refund an order because you decided you did not want to pay the fees.

    If you return a certificate, you will not receive a refund, gift card etc. as this is a personalized order.


    If you have an international address and you choose to order the U.S. option, yours will not ship until you pay the invoice for the shipping, plus a 10% "I Tried to Pull One Over on You" fee, that we will send you via the email address you have on file. Just don't do it.

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