Green Opal

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Chakra: Physical Aspects of the Heart

Element: Earth & Water

Energy: Receptive

Number: 1 and 4

Planet: Earth

Zodiac: Sagittarius & Aries


Body Alchemy


Self- healing, strength, and rejuvenation.


Problem solving, situational awareness, memory, stress relief, calm, peace, flexibility, anxiety, patience, strength, clarity, self-discovery, and slowing racing thoughts.


Emotional pain and trauma, soothing, well-being, joy, releasing heartache, grief, morning, and understanding others emotions.


Soul Alchemy:

Meditation, dreams, spiritual awakening, and being fully present.


Environmental Alchemy:

Environmental sized pieces (2+inches) of this stone can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space


Green Opal: Adornments for Your Body

Green Opal: Adornments for Your Space

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