Kid's Invoking Black

Chakra: Earth 
Element: Earth 
Planet: Saturn 
Body Alchemy:  
Teeth & bones. 
Breaking free of bad habits and addictions, learning, protection, safety, banishing negativity, releasing, pride, patience, stability, understanding one's limits, overcoming obstacles, challenges & tests, discoveries, and truth.  
Soul Alchemy: 
Deities of the Underworld, divination, scrying, Elders, shapeshifting & defense. deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels. Grounding, wisdom, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magick, Repel and banish evil and negativity, protection, beginning, creation, rebirth, absorbing energies, binding, sacrifice and separation, material gain, protection, karma, death, and manifestation. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Use in combination with white to represent balance, opposites, union of opposing forces.  
Business Alchemy: 
Real estate matters, farming, criminals, civil servants, plumbing, justice, wills & debts. 

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