Kid's Invoking Blue

Chakra: Throat Chakra 
Element: Water 
Planet: Jupiter & Moon 
Zodiac: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces 
Body Alchemy:  
Neck, throat, thyroid, lungs, ears, and weigh loss.  
Mind increase, patience, peace, truth, loyalty, self-improvement, studying, research & reading tranquility, calmness, understanding and patience, loyalty, honor, sincerity, devotion, communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, fidelity, patience, harmony, organization, sincerity, introspection, insight, confusion, and higher education. 
Happiness, joy, and calming. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Prophetic dreams, wisdom, wealth, guidance, opportunity, protection during sleep, astral projection.  expansion, growth, astral projection, femininity, and meditation. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
The ocean, elevation, long distance travel. 

Justice, political power, social standing, dealing with foreign cultures/countries, religion, philosophy, forecasting, broadcasting, publicity, sports, horses, legal matters, doctors, guardians, merchants, police officers, psychologists, and charity. 
Light Blue  
Spirituality, tranquility, peace, and protection. 

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