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Chakra: High Crown

Element: Earth & Air

Energy: Receptive

Number: 2, 11

Planet: Earth

Zodiac: All


I love each and every stone and crystal that I bring to you for adoption, but Lemurians are very near and dear to my heart, as my Master Soul Key is Pleiadean and I’ve had many, many past lives in Lemuria (and a few in Atlantis).


I'm going to release them now, but if you buy one, it is with the agreement that you will keep this precious treasure out of direct sunlight, period.


All stones and Crystal's should be kept out of direct sunlight, but Lemurians are the most sensitive, and 10 minutes of direct sunlight will kill them. The information they carry is far too important to let that happen because of insidious misinformation about properly caring for stones and crystals. They should also be kept in double bags or double wrapped in fabric. Inner bag/layer natural fibers outer bag/layer manmade fibers.


Each have very special attributes, Master Formations, and you can find the info on those in Alchemy with Crystals & Stones – Foundation Module 106.


If you’re drawn to a Lemurian, you’ve had at least one past life in the Lemurian Civilization and most of us have had at least one, even if we don’t remember it yet. Lemurians are coded with either general information about the specifics of the Lemurian Civilization,

information about very specific things like healing, communicating with nature, psychic development, spiritual development, spirit guide communication, connecting to and communicating with other Lemurians incarnated on this planet and elsewhere, Elemental magick, the energetic templates & blueprints for physical life of and on this planet, connecting with the Divine Feminine, Love in all forms, Divine Sensuality, and much more.


Or they can connect you to a specific past life you’ve had in Lemuria, as well as connect you to a Soul Group from your past lives in Lemuria.

Lemuria was the original civilization on this planet. They were the first group of Souls who chose to incarnate in physical bodies on this planet. There were multiple waves of Lemurian incarnation spanning over 250,000 years on this planet. Lemurians originate from the Pleads star system, as do Atlanteans. Lemurian civilization was very spiritually and emotionally centered, understanding that everything on this planet is innately connected, a part of the whole that is Earth, heart centered some would call it, where the Atlantean civilization was very mentally & physically centered, and focused on separateness, not honoring the interconnectedness of everything on this planet, which ultimately led to their downfall, and there is much to be learned from both civilizations, the most important being how to weave the best of both into our lives today for wholeness of ourselves and wholeness of this planet. Lemurians are here to help us do just that.


Working with Lemurians can rapidly heal your emotional body, bring the euphoria and elation of a true sense of wholeness, interconnectedness, loving, balanced, nurturing, sensual spiritual awareness of the Lemurian Consciousness.


Other stones that resonate to the Lemurian Consciousness are Astrophyllite, Gem Silica (Chrysocolla – blue green chalcedony), Lemurian Aquatine Calcite, Larimar, Lemurian Blue Chalcedony, Kunzite,

Morganite, Star Rose Quartz, Celestite, Auralite 23, Petalite and some Moldavites.


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