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A picture is worth a thousand words because photographs carry the energy of whatever is in them. Pictures of high energy stone specimens carry the innate energies of the stone as well.

I have very carefully selected photographs of extremely high energy stone specimens to create offerings for you to wear and have in your space to benefit from that energy when you're unable to wear, carry or place the stone itself, or when you just want to add some serious ooomph to your day.

Below you will find the innate energies of the stone photographed for these offerings.

Empowered Blessings Y'all

Robin Z ~ The Stone Sorceress

Chakra: Earth Star\Root\Solar Plexus\Third-Eye\Crown (Stimulates Root Chakra)

Element: Earth\Storm

Energy: Projective

Number: 55 & 1

Planet: Pluto

Zodiac: Sagittarius

1 of 4 Ultimate Core Universal Master Manifestation Stones.

First off, I’d like to start with a very strong warning. If you are not in conscious control of your thoughts, (focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want), this isn’t the stone for you. If you make negative statements and thoughts, (I don’t want to be poor, sick, tired etc.), this isn’t the stone for you. If you are a complainer, this is not the stone for you. If you do not take full responsibility for everything that you are and have experienced in your life, this is not the stone for you (blaming other people, places or things for anything in your life).

Nuumite is an extremely potent manifestation stone. It will manifest what you are focusing on. I don’t mean just what you are focusing on when you are trying to manifest something, I mean all the time, if it is near you. If you do not regularly practice clearing yourself and your environment or have other negative people in the environment where this stone will be, this isn’t the stone for you.

This is not a stone to be taken lightly. It has a very ancient, powerful elemental energy with a dark polarity. This is a stone of great power and potential, just make sure you are sure that you will use it wisely.

These warnings aren’t just for using it for the purpose of manifestation, they are for using it for any purpose! I had to say that y’all~

Body Alchemy


Reproductive System, physical vitality & energy, insulin Regulation, stimulates Meridians, brain, nervous system, diabetes, tissue regeneration, degenerative diseases, blood, kidneys, infections, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, fainting and dizziness, tinnitus, Parkinson's disease, Eyes and throat.


Clarity, reduces tension & stress, honor, respect, for oneself and others, duty, promises, obligations, and independence.


Self-love, releasing fear, guilt & shame.

Soul Alchemy

Grounding, Earth Elemental magic, protection, Intuition, Soul Level personal power, spiritual development, connecting with your higher self, clairvoyance, scrying, soul facet retrieval, accessing Soul Level gifts and Karmic Grace, past life exploration, self-mastery, Soul Level healing, knowing who you really are at Soul Level, Cosmic Elemental Magic, and accessing other planes of existence. Parallel universes and alternate lives. Shamanic journeying and drum work. Take heed, if using

for magic, if your intentions are to harm in any way, nuumite will rebound it to you.

Environmental Alchemy

Any stone that is the size of a half-dollar or larger is considered environmental sized in this stone type. You can use an environmental sized piece to invoke any of the above innate energies but take heed of the warnings


Nuumite: Adornments for Your Body

Nuumite: Adornments for Your Space

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