Orthoceras Fossils 
Orthoceras fossils are most often found in black marble.   

Chakra:  Earth Star & High Crown  
Energy: Receptive 
Element:  Earth
Number: 4 
Planet: Earth 
Zodiac: All  

Body Alchemy: 
Physical Longevity, detox, energy, digestive issues, dyspepsia, arthritis, skeletal issues, equilibrium, atrophy. 
Mental Stress relief, anxiety relief, mental stimulation, confidence, openness, innovation, knowledge gathering and mental accomplishments. 
Emotional Depression, stability, desire, and balanced emotions.   

Soul Alchemy: Overcoming negative repeating patterns created in past lives that are perpetuated in this one through fear. Accessing life-force energy.   

Business Alchemy: Orthoceras fossils are said to promote pride and success in business.   

Environmental Alchemy: Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to bring in any of the above innate energies of this stone. 

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