Feng Shui Prisms

The use of Feng Shui hanging crystals within the home can either energize or expand the energy or correct an energy imbalance, or providean aura of calm and quiet contemplation. And hey, they make beautiful rainbows when the light hits them.

These are drilled for hanging, add your favorite color thread to match your intention or decor.

Hang them in your windows to invite positive energy your home❤️
Hang them in the center of long, narrow hallways or your foyer will slow the flow of chi down❤️

Hang one above your head when you are working at your desk. It will help to sharpen your focus and clarify awareness❤️

Hang one just above a picture or image of what you’d like to be doing in life somewhere in the 1 sector (career) of the ba gua will serve to activate energy here❤️

Hang them in windows where negative space or a missing corner appears will activate the chi that was missing. It will encourage chi flow into the room and your life❤️

Remember to clear out the clutter in any area before hanging your feng shui prisms, you don't want to activate the chaotic and negative energy hiding in clutter.

These are man-made crystal (think vases), not natural quartz crystal.
Blessings y'all~

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