Red Calcite

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 A picture is worth a thousand words because photographs carry the energy of whatever is in them. Pictures of high energy stone specimens carry the innate energies of the stone as well.

I have very carefully selected photographs of extremely high energy stone specimens to create offerings for you to wear and have in your space to benefit from that energy when you're unable to wear, carry or place the stone itself, or when you just want to add some serious ooomph to your day.

Below you will find the innate energies of the stone photographed for these offerings.

Empowered Blessings Y'all

Robin Z ~ The Stone Sorceress

Chakra: Root & Earth Star

Element: Earth and Fire

Energy: Projective

Number: 1

Planet: Earth

Zodiac: Cancer

Red calcite is A Core Universal Master Stone of the root chakra and the Earth Star chakra.


Body Alchemy:


Physical energy and healing of all areas of the body associated with the Root Chakra (think from half-way between your belly button to the soles of your feet).


Anxiety and panic attacks.


Releasing Fear


Soul Alchemy:

Breaking negative repeating patterns related to physical safety, financial stability & security, home life stability, family stability, poverty, homelessness, relationship stability and victimization.


Environmental Alchemy:

Utilize environmental sized pieces to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.


Red Calcite: Adornments for Your Body

Red Calcite: Adornments for Your Space

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