"Stone of Love & Balance"

Chakra: Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Number: 4
Planet: Mars & Jupiter
Zodiac: Scorpio & Leo

Core Universal Master Stone of the Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra

Body Alchemy:
Blood pressure stabilization, blood, circulatory system, infections, inflammation, detoxification of the blood and liver, and skin disorders.
Clarity, practicality, relaxation, destressing. self-esteem, acceptance, understanding, harmony, kindness, tolerance, confidence, assertiveness, denial and addictions related to the heart chakra.
Self-love and all other types of love, healing emotional trauma, and expressing emotions.

Soul Alchemy:
Living your spiritual beliefs, connecting with your higher self (Soul Deva), opening and enhancing your spiritual awareness, and accessing Soul Level Gifts.

Environmental Alchemy:
Invoke the innate energies of this stone with environmental sized pieces in any space.


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