Robin Zendayah Express Yourself Ritual Wear for Your Space

A picture is worth a thousand words because photographs carry the energy of whatever is in them. Pictures of high energy stone specimens carry the innate energies of the stone as well. I have very carefully selected photographs of extremely high energy stone specimens to create Ritual Wear offerings for you to wear and have in your space to benefit from that energy when you're unable to wear, carry or place the stone itself.

If you're ready for Ritual Wear, enjoy exploring the collections below to find what makes your Soul sing.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ

For Your Space:

Pillow Covers


Spiral Notebooks

Note Cards


Wall Art:

Fine Art Prints & Posters

Wood Prints


Acrylic Prints


Want to invoke the innate energies through symbology?

Steampunk Owl

Pendulum Wolf

Amethyst Raven

Labradorite Raven


Want to express your love of Crystals?

Crystal Love

By Stone Type Design:

Selenite & Black Tourmaline

Chalcopyrite 1 

Selenite 1

RZ Amethyst Collection 1

RZ Amethyst Collection 2

RZ Amethyst Collection 3

RZ Amethyst Raven Collection

RZ Amethyst Pillow Cases

RZ Labradorite Collection 1

RZ Labradorite Collection 2

RZ Labradorite Collection 3

RZ Labradorite Collection 4

RZ Labradorite Collection 5

RZ Labradorite Collection 6

RZ Labradorite Amethyst Collection

RZ Labradorite Raven Collection

RZ Labradorite Pillow Cases

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