Robin Zendayah Services Offered at 30 - 50% Off to Support You during this Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond


Hey Y'all,

In addition to opening enrollment for Level One Body, Environmental, & Soul Alchemy Courses much earlier this year than planned, I've decided to offer all Distance Reiki services at a discount of 50%, as well as 30% discounts on other services, for the duration of this Pandemic in the U.S. to better serve and support our beautiful community and the community at large. All prices listed have already been discounted 30 - 50%.

I normally only offer services to students and alumni only, but during this Pandemic, I will open up the discounted Distance sessions and services to anyone, in order to serve and support the community at large.

All sessions and services are performed by me personally. My schedule is normally extremely full, 7 days a week, but I am clearing as much time as possible in order to offer more time-slots to help as many people as possible.

Body Alchemy - Human Crystal Reiki Distance Sessions 

RZ Human Crystal Reiki Master Stones Boost Group Distance sessions are available starting at just $5/week, (more added often), and you can check them out here:

Reiki Boost Group Distance Sessions

If you are booking sessions for someone besides yourself, please email their full name and current location, along with either a picture (preferred) or current age, place of birth and date of birth. If you are a student of mine, no need to send anything as I am already familiar with your energy.

The discounted rate on the above subscriptions will continue for you beyond this pandemic as long as you maintain the subscription.

Environmental Alchemy

Property Readings and Clearings to Create a clean energetic slate for an Energetic Sanctuary that supports, uplifts, heals and empowers, whether it be at home or at work. All property reading and clearings are offered at a 30% discount. Prices listed are the discounted prices. Readings & Clearings are available for:



Land without Buildings

Real Estate Listings (for Realtors)

Realtors, as your business model has to shift in many ways during this Pandemic, (and even after), adding professional property readings and clearings to your professional arsenal can give you a greatly needed edge for success.

Soul Alchemy

Specialty linked Guardians/Guides jewelry pieces are available at 30% off to help you connect with the guidance you need and offer companionship during social distancing.

If you already have a guardian or guide linked by me, I can link a piece of jewelry to them for you.  

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ


Some have asked why not do the services for free? Just like you, I too have a family to support during this Pandemic and beyond.  I also have employees who have families to support that are depending on their paychecks from me to do so. I also have over 1,400 current students who are depending on me to be available to energetically guide and support them.  In clearing much of my schedule to do these sessions, I am severely limiting the things that I normally do to bring revenue into my business, and therefore to my family and employee's families.

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