Ruby Zoisite

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Stone of Altered Consciousness

Chakra: Root and High Heart

Element: Earth & Fire

Energy: Projective

Planet: Mars & Venus

Zodiac Stone: Sagittarius



Body Alchemy:


Lethargy, physical energy, slowing the pulse, viruses, infections, inflammation, fertility, testicles, ovaries, neutralizes acidity, insomnia, heart, and vitality.


Stamina, goals, meditation, individuality, calm, balance, harmony, visualization, leadership, and spontaneity.




Soul Alchemy:

Psychic development, protection, wealth, and personal power.


Environmental Alchemy:

Environmental sized pieces can be utilized to invoke any of this stone’s innate energies.


Ruby Zoisite: Adornments for Your Body

Ruby Zoisite: Adornments for Your Space

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