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Why Choose Me?

I was trained and attuned in Traditional Usui Reiki, Takata Reiki, & Rock Girl Reiki in person at The Sacred Stone School in Asheville, North Carolina with Reiki Grand Master Allison Hayes.  My training required multiple days for each level,  and many, many hours of training, and performing sessions on actual clients with my Reiki Grand Master making sure that my technique was perfected, and that I could channel and hold this energy correctly.

Reiki or any other type of energy work training should never be done by book, or without your teacher seeing you run the energy and that you have mastered the techniques on many real clients, period. Would you let someone perform surgery on you if the only qualifications they have were studying the textbooks, listening to lectures, and watching someone else perform the surgery?

Time between levels is also essential to allow the practitioner's Master Energetic System time to adjust to running a much larger channel and higher frequency of energy. 30 days minimum.

Lineage is very important, because a lot can be lost in translation, think of the games “pass it on” or “the phone game”.  The shorter the lineage, the better. I’ve seen many popular traditions who don’t even use correctly drawn symbols, and leave out a lot of important information in their training manuals.

I carry a double lineage:

U.S. Lineage          Japan/European Lineage

Usui                        Usui

Hayashi                  Hayashi

Takata                    Takata

Beth Gray               Lord John Gray

          Allison Hayes

    Robin Zendayah  (me)


I am a Reiki Master in:

Traditional Usui Reiki

Takata Reiki

Rock Girl Reiki

Distance Reiki

Past Life Reiki

Human Crystal Reiki

Lemurian Human Crystal Reiki

Atlantean Human Crystal Reiki

Ancient Egyptian Human Crystal Reiki

Ancient Sumerian Crystal Reiki

I am also a:

Master Crystal & Stone Body Alchemist

Master Crystal & Stone Environmental Alchemist

Master Crystal & Stone Soul Alchemist

Crystal & Stone Therapist

Chakra & Auric Field Technician

Certified Pendulum and Rod dowser

Sacred Stone Grids Practitioner

Professionally Trained Psychic Reader

Soul Realignment Practitioner

and I am trained in many other healing modalities and techniques.

My clients  and students have nicknamed me the Stone Whisperer for my ability to communicate with stones. They have also nicknamed me The Stone Sorceress for my ability to utilize the innate energy of stones for transformation, and the Soul Whisperer for my ability to read the Unique Energetic Signature of your Soul.

I have worked with stones all my life, and have done so professionally for over 30 years.  My training is every continuing to be able to bring more Empowerment opportunities to your life.

Empowered Blessings Y’all~

Robin Zendayah

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