Tiffany Stone

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Tiffany Stone
“Stone of Passion”
Tiffany Stone is comprised of predominantly Opalized Fluorite (blues, purples and whites) frequently mixed with many other minerals such as chalcedony, dolomite, quartz, rhodonite, manganese oxides (blacks), bertrandite (white, yellow or pink), beryl, solid white or translucent-yellowish opal as well as well as tiny amounts of other minerals.
Tiffany Stone is only found in Utah.
Chakra: Fine-tuning stone of the Sacral, Heart (spiritual aspects), Third Eye, Crown, & High Crown
Element: Earth, Fire, & Air
Number: 8
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn & Pisces
Body Alchemy:
Helps to clear energetic blockages in meridians, vitality, and the endocrine system.
Navigating changes and transitions, compassion, clearing mental blocks related to your sex life, communication, understanding, grasping ideas & concepts, concentration, discernment, devotion, personal growth, & persistence.
Transitions, passion, love, joy, strength, balance, openly acknowledging and verbally speaking of hidden, or secret, feelings.
Soul Alchemy:
Who you are at Soul Level, meditation, transformation, financial abundance, letting go of negative repeating patterns of victimization, intuition, psychic development, dreamwork, and letting go of old energies to make room for new energies.
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces (2+ inches) can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.
Combine it with White Moroccan Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds or Elestial Quartz for communication with guides, ascended masters and other realms.
Combine it with Celestite, Apophyllite and Angelite for angelic communication.
Use it with Shiva Lingam to enhance sexual experiences, and in particular for tantric love practices.
For psychic development, you can combine it with Amethyst, Brazilian Fluorite, Lepidolite or Labradorite.
Combine it with Orange Calcite, Orange Carnelian, Fire Agate or Red Garnet, to stimulate sexual energy.

Tiffany Stone: Adornments for Your Body
Tiffany Stone: Adornments for Your Space

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