Tiger's Eye Gold

Tiger’s Eye
Chakras: Core Universal Master Stone of the Solar Plexus
Element: Fire, Earth
Energy: Both Receptive and Projective
Number: 1 & 4
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Capricorn and Leo
Body Alchemy:
Pain, broken bones and spinal column. Physical stamina and energy. Rheumatic, heart disease, psoriasis, asthma, protection during travel,
Truth & illusions, alertness, insight, will, personal power, stubbornness, strengthen convictions, self-confidence, balance, hypochondria, psychosomatic illness, courage, determination, self-esteem, mental strength, clarity, success, focus, clarity, purpose, integrity, personal power, practicality and grace.
Love, balancing masculine and feminine oriented emotions, energizing the emotional body,
Environmental Alchemy:
Use environmental sized pieces to bring the above innate energies into your space.
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