Aka: Vesonite, Vessonite, Idocrase
Chakras: Green – Potentially All but very strong for the Solar Plexus & Physical Aspects of the Heart Chakra, Pink – Potentially All but very strong for the Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra
Element: Earth
Energy: Projective
Number: 1 & 2
Planet: Earth & Venus
Zodiac: Capricorn & Sagittarius
1 of 3 Ultimate Master Stones of Manifestation
Body Alchemy:
Shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, fingers, elbows, chest, breasts, lungs, heart, circulatory system & cardiovascular system.
Enthusiasm, insights, inspiration, releasing limiting beliefs, assertiveness and courage.
Releasing fears.
Soul Alchemy:
Helps to align one’s personal will with that of the Soul, via the Heart Chakra, helping to bypass the Ego for manifestation.
It is a Master Stone to promote communication and cooperation between one’s Body Deva and Soul Deva.
It helps you to find and step onto the path of your true calling in life, bringing Karmic Grace (Positive Karma) and Karmic Gifts (gifts your Soul was created with, that you carry with you through all lifetimes) into play. It is a “must have” stone if you are currently making or seeking to make changes to follow your True Path.
It is a Master Stone of releasing negative repeating patterns and creating positive repeating patterns.
It is a Master Stone of past life exploration and healing.
Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces can be used to bring any of the above innate energies into a space.
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