The B.A.D.A.S.S.E R.Y. Stone Posse

is the only monthly crystal & stone community where you will build a strong foundation for better health & well-being, finances, & relationships, inner peace, finding your purpose and more through grounding what you learn into real-world experience working with a new stone type each month, while also building a better world through actively supporting grassroots organizations committed to breaking the cycle of trauma and abuse simply by being a member.

Step off the "Trendy Fluffy Bunny Bullshit Path" and onto the Empowered B.A.D.A.S.S.E.R.Y. Path with me, the Black Sheep Rebel of the energy healing world, The Stone Sorceress.


This membership will

Show You how to do Core StoneWork so that:

    • You will know how to lay a solid foundation for Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Well-being to live Your Purpose with Inner Peace & Passion, utilizing the Ancient Innate energies of Crystals & Stones.

  • Clear up misinformation that ensures:

    • You only invest in tools that can actually help you and don’t waste your time and money on stones & techniques that don’t work, leaving you with nothing more than a bunch of pretty shelf sitters, because you’ve been misled by Fluffy Bunny Bullshit.

  • Give you a Community where:

    • You have a safe space with like-minded people to learn, share, grow, and build friendships with.

  • Teach you the true innate energies of stones so that:

    • You know what a particular stone type can and can’t help you with, (none of this mamby pamby nonsese “intention is everything” crapola being spewed about working with stones), so that you’re not using the wrong stone for the wrong thing.


  • Grounds what you learn into real-world experience:

    • So you will be grounding what I will teach you in Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain & Intro to the 4 Pillars of Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones into real-world practical experience with a workbook for a different stone type each month so that working with stones becomes second nature to you. Knowledge is power only if you act on it y’all!


Reward You for Your Participation and for Simply Being a Member:

With the opportunity to be rewarded for doing your workbooks each month with a monthly giveaway for those that do, and another one even if you don't because hey, sometimes life gets in the way and we're grateful to have you in the membership.

Build a Better World

I have a mission in life. My mission is to break the trauma/abuse cycle in as many lives as possible so that we can rewrite the shitty future that this world is headed towards, to a new narrative of:

  • Ending the Stigmatization & Discrimination around Mental Health Issues

  • Equality for all Minorities

  • Celebrate Authenticity

  • Gratitude for our amazing beautiful Diversity


I do that through teaching you how to empower yourself utilizing the ancient innate energies of crystals, stones, a touch of other energy healing modalities, and neuroscience.


I also do that through supporting causes that help to break the trauma/abuse cycle, which I believe is the key, the underlying thread, to everything that is wrong in the world.


But I am only one person, and I can only do so much. That’s where you come in. Being part of this membership gives you the opportunity to help break the abuse trauma cycle, not only uplifting the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness to heal the Earth and benefit the flora, fauna, & people, but to make tangible differences in other people’s lives right now, to touch as many lives in an empowering way as we possibly can.


We will choose causes with projects to support together, with monthly updates on the difference we’re making and to discuss possible new projects to support.


You’ll have the opportunity to suggest causes in the Private Facebook group, and then we’ll come together once a month on Zoom to discuss and vote in a poll on projects that we collectively want to support. My vote will not count as any more than yours does, we decide, together. (don’t worry if you can’t attend, there will be a poll in the group for you to vote if you’re unable to attend the monthly Zoom meeting.


Don't worry, I won't be hitting you up with requests for donations, nope! The simple way that this happens is that part of your monthly membership cost will go directly to support whichever cause that we have chosen to support their project that month, with full financial disclosure of exactly how those funds are spent.


We won’t just be throwing money at a charity, we’ll choose projects together that give us the opportunity to know specifically how we are impacting a specific community or group of people’s lives in a specific location.


Here’s some examples of ways that we can make a tangible difference in people's lives to have a multi-generational effect of breaking the trauma abuse cycle:

Providing sanitary products to young girls.

Girls in communities that are so poor that they can’t afford these things and drop out of school when they start having periods because they are humiliated and bullied mercilessly.

Think about it. So many of these girls end up in abusive relationships because the men in these communities know that they have no way out of their situation.

Can you imagine what it would be like for them, to simply resign themselves to miserable lives and having to watch their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren suffer the same fate?


Digging wells for communities to have safe drinking water.

Can you imagine what it is like to not have safe drinking water? These communities can’t just zip over to Walmart or the grocery store to grab some bottled water, they don’t have anything remotely resembling that.

Can you imagine what it’s like being sick or dying because you don’t have safe drinking water?

Can you imagine watching your child, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your significant other, and your community at large suffering the same fate with no way to change it?

Can you imagine the trauma of this? Can you imagine the abuse that occurs in communities like this because of the level of misery, hopelessness, and anger?


Founding Member Benefits:

1. You'll get Founding Member Pricing locked in for life as long as you maintain your membership without any pauses.

2. You'll have the opportunity to help shape the membership to be the best that it can be for you and future members.

3. Early access to enroll before the doors open to the public.

All I ask for is that you respond to polls, give us feedback what you like, or don't like, and give a testimonial to let others know what you love about the membership..

Founding Member spots are limited, so join the waitlist below to be notified when enrollment opens, When the doors open later this month, you'll have 3 Fucking Awesome Membership Levels to Choose From:


Tier 1 - Black Sheep

Tier 2 - Rebel

Tier 3 - BadAss