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Hey Y'all~

You Asked for It and Here It Is, Woohoo!

A place where you reap the rewards of me lovingly spending hours on end, sometimes days on end digging through stones, hand-picking each & every stone and crystal for you for its level of energy, traveling to warehouses and showrooms in 3 specific states where only the best are found, (and they're not where others have led you to believe), so that I can bring them to you to Empower you to Transform Your Life with their Innate Energy. 

A place where you will always find quality over quantity because I do not buy in bulk and grab a random stone out of a box or bin when you order. When you shop for stones from the private website, I choose your stone from the highly energetically active stones that I’ve already spent tons of time individually hand-picking, that resonates with your unique energetic signature, so that you never have to worry about wasting your money on stones that won't work for you.

You asked for a private place where you could access my hand-picked Practitioner Level Crystals, Stones & Energy Tools that are never bought in bulk site unseen, for their level of energy & ability to empower you. You have access to all of the Core Universal Master Stone types for every course and masterclass that I teach on the student offerings website, the remainder of the over 5,000 different stone types are available here, as I find them and hand-pick them for y'all.

A place where you have the option to be further Empowered through my Subscriptions and Crystal & Stone Energy Tool Sets hand-picked by me personally for you to resonate with Your Unique Energetic Signature.

A place where you'll get access to members only Live Stream Sales with me and fellow members.

A place where you'll also have access to pieces linked to Your personal Guardians, Guides and more.

A place where you can connect with like-minded Souls to Learn, Grow and build Friendships with.

A place where someone cares deeply about the hand-picked crystals & stones that are offered to you.

A place where you will have access to the absolute best energetic quality tools out there, period.

A place where someone actually cares about empowering you to transform your life, not just their bottom line.

That place is The My Stone Whisperer Membership Site and you can have access to all of that for only $11 a month.

But be quick, spots are limited for each registration period.

Take a Peek
Inside the Website!

What is Your Unique Energetic Signature?

Everyone has a very Unique Energetic Signature. This Energetic Signature is created by all of the Soul Level Keys (the unique energetic combinations that were used to create your very Soul that you will carry with you forever) and the energy of every single choice you make every day.

This Energetic Signature can be detected by the Psychic Clairs. It has a visual, a sound, a smell, a taste, a texture and a feeling. As a professionally trained psychic, I can sense all of those components of your Unique Energetic Signature. My clients call me The Soul Whisperer, Your Soul Speaks & I listen.

My clients also call me The Stone Whisperer because I can sense the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystals & Stones. Combining these two abilities together, I am able to easily match up Your Unique Energetic Signature with the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystal, Stone or Jewelry piece.

What You're Getting

You'll get access to the best hand-picked energetic quality crystals, stones & energy tools out there so that you’re not wasting your money on just another pretty shelf-sitter through:

Private Website Shopping

Private Live Stream Sales


Exclusive Adornments for your Body & Home designed by me and my team

Private Facebook Group of Like-Minded Souls to Learn, Grow & Build Friendships

  Exclusive Robin Zendayah Conversations with the Stone Whisperer Content

Plus Optional Benefits

Exclusive Optional Services only for Members, Students & Alumni

Optional Subscriptions Hand-Picked to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature

  Optional Energy Tools & Sets created by me personally for You

3 Options to Choose From...

You can choose from Monthly, Yearly and lifetime payment options.

Space is limited, so grab your spot now!

Why Should You Join?

I’ve invested over 200k in my education & training in working with stones, psychic development and many, many energy work modalities and I have invested over 3 decades of my life working with stones & energy work. I have worked with thousands of private clients and students.

With the membership, you'll get access to all of my hand-picked practitioner level crystals, stones & energy tools (rather than just the course pack offerings on the students & alumni website) to empower yourself with the innate energy of crystals, stones & other energy tools, without bullshit & fluff.

You'll also get access to pieces linked to your personal Guides, Magical Creatures, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Skulls, lots of different crystal and stone types & forms, (hundreds more offerings), clothing, footwear, accessories, ritual and housewares items designed by myself and the R.Z. team, through the private shopping website and private live streams just for members, exclusive optional services and so much more!

With the membership you will have the opportunity to experience purchasing and working with highly energetically active stones that are a perfect match for your unique energetic signature.

I care deeply about the stones I bring you. I can read their energy, I can communicate with them, so I understand that they’re not inanimate objects, not pretty shelf sitters, but energetic beings that deserve to be treated with respect & care.

Therefore I only want them in the hands of people who will partner with them, that will allow their innate energies to empower them, that will care for them properly, so that I know that they will be in good hands, hands that respect & care about them deeply like I do, your hands. So the membership is ONLY available to students and alumni who have completed the entry level course Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Foundation - Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain. If you haven't completed that course, you can click on the link below to learn more:

RZ Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Foundation - Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain

My life’s purpose is to Empower others
and I do that through Body, Soul, Environmental & Energetic Alchemy.
It’s who I am, it’s what I do & I put my heart and soul into it every single day.

What Do Others Think?

Just a few Testimonials of Many for my Stones, Tools & Courses


"Best course I've ever taken!"

Carole A.


"Yes! That's my answer to every course you offer!"

Michaela R.


"Robin KNOWS stones and crystals; she feels them, hears them, and has a connection to them unlike anyone I've ever met."

Misty D.  


"You make me feel welcome and you know your stuff."

Blessed be & love & light."

Brandy B.



"Woah, I've never felt stones with so much energy and these are the first stones I've EVER been able to feel!"

Miranda G.


"I've taken courses with all of the major online teachers on stones out there, and this one is far and away the best, and Robin is the best.

I have found my Master Stone Teacher. I will take every course she teaches, and beg for more!"
Angelo R.


"Happy, happy, happy! I'm happy, my stones are happy, and I am looking forward to level two!"

Sarah S.


"Rad course, over the moon with my course pack and Robin is a powerful soul!"

Brenda Jane T


"Love love love this lady and her beautiful crystals!"

Ashley G.



"Wonderful course, Amazing teacher, & Off the charts stones."

Tessa H.



"I love my teacher! I've 52 years old, and have never felt that way about a teacher!"

Michelle C.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loving this course and my stones!"

Sonja H.


"Awesome stones... Awesome people... cant wait to see whats next!"

Danyle J.


"Amazing stones! Amazing Lady!"

Angie T.

A Bit about Me

I am the Founder & CEO of Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation.

I am the creator of:
Human Crystal Body Gridding
Human Crystal Reiki

Body Alchemy
Environmental Alchemy
Soul Alchemy
Magickal Alchemy
Sorceress Rising

RZ Mastering Manifestation
Mastering Your Money Karma
Mastering Your Relationship Karma
Mastering Your Health & Well-being Karma

I'm a:
Crystal & Stone Alchemist Master Practitioner

Magickal Alchemist Master Practitioner

Sorceress Rising Master Practitioner

Professionally Trained Psychic specializing in past lives and I am also fully trained in many, many other energy healing modalities.

7 Time Reiki Master with a Double Lineage trained by a Reiki Grandmaster in Traditional Usui Reiki, Traditional Takata Reiki, Rock Girl Reiki, Distance Reiki, Past Life & Soul Level Reiki & Crystal Reiki.

My Reiki Double Lineage:
U.S. Lineage / Japan & European Lineage
Usui / Usui
Hayashi / Hayashi
Takata / Takata
Beth Gray / Lord John Gray
Allison Hayes

I am an instigator of change, mom of three kids, two cats and one big ole bloodhound. I live to learn, create, teach and empower!

I am known as "The Stone Whisperer", "The Soul Whisperer" and "The Stone Sorceress".

Be Warned

I will go against a lot of the misinformation out there that has been regurgitated online, in books etc. for decades. If you don't have an open mind to learn or re-learn, please don't enroll.

I will not go along with regurgitated mis-information because it's the popular, money making thing to do.

I will not tell you that you can pop a tumbled stone in your pocket (or bra) and miracles will occur, like so many teachers and stone sellers would like you to believe. Real results are an investment of time, money, and desire. and yes, You Are Worth It!!!

I do not fill my courses with a bunch of fluff to make you think you're getting more for your money, like a lot of others do.

I am straight to the point and I want you to get the most out of my courses by grounding what you learn into physical experience. Students who do the work, get the results.

I do not throw in trendy topics just to grab your attention and your money, nor do I cram in intermediate or advance level material into this foundation level course to entice you.  

I do teach you actionable knowledge every step of the way, to build a solid foundation of what you really need to know and put into practice.

I do not fill the courses with information intuitively sourced or channeled from questionable outside sources. I channel universal information directly from the stones, that's why I'm called "The Stone Whisperer", the stones speak, and I listen.

Empowered Blessings Y'all~

Robin Zendayah

The Stone Whisperer

The Soul Whisperer

The Stone Sorceress


My Students & Clients are happy campers, achieving amazing results empowering their lives with the innate energy of stones.

Are you ready to join them on the Empowered Path of Working with Stones?


If I change my mind before access is granted, can I get my first month's enrollment back?

No, so make sure you are ready before you join.

When will my payments bill each month?

Registration for monthly memberships bill immediately and the membership bills on the 6th of each month. Yearly memberships bill on the same day that you originally registered.

Can I change the date of my payments after I enroll?

No, so make sure the day you enroll works for you as a billing date.

When will I get Access?

Access will be given within 72 hours of your first month's enrollment payment clearing.

If my payment doesn't clear, will I lose access to the Membership?

Yes, so please make sure you have funds available in your chosen method of payment. You will be able to change your payment method in the event of your payment not clearing to avoid losing access.

How many spots are open for enrollment each session?


What is a Lifetime Member?

A lifetime member is someone who has access to all of the membership benefits for as long as the membership exists without ever having to pay an additional cost to do so.

What if I am unhappy with the Membership?

Please contact us to let us know why you're unhappy, so we can correct the issue for you, and all current and future students. We are here to empower you! If you are still unhappy, you can cancel at any time.

Do I get "Optional" Goodies for Free?

No. Subscriptions, sets, course packs, Guides, Guardians, services etc. are optional and purchased separately, if you choose to do so. The cost of this membership simply helps to offset my expenses of traveling and time to hand-pick the items available on this membership site for y'all.

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