and learn how to manipulate energy for some Kick-Ass manifestation




The definition of magick is manipulating energy to a desired result.

  • The definition of manifestation is manipulating energy to a desired result.


They are one and the same, but how we view them can be vastly different, depending on our cultural and religious background.

  • A sorceress is simply someone who works with natural elemental energies like Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth and gifts from within the Earth like stones and metals.

  • They’re not evil, nor does sorcery have a single damn thing to do with worshiping anything, it’s simply a practice, despite what so called history and society would have you believe.








Module 1

    • The Do's & Don'ts of Kick-Ass Intentions & Affirmations so that You Don’t Fuck Yourself from the Get-go


Module 2

    • The Sacred Number of Manifestation so that You Can Utilize it in All Areas of Your Life

    • The Magick of Your Manifestation Grid so that you understand the power you’ll have at your fingertips


Module 3

    • The ancient innate energies of the Magickal Manifestation Stones you’ll be working with so that you understand the possibilities that Your Partners in Manifestation are bringing to Your World


Module 4

    • How to work with Your Magickal Manifestation Grid so that you will Manifest More Quickly


Module 5

    • Optional Supporting Stone Work for even more Potent Magickal Manifestation


All in video format with audio downloads for you to consume in the way that works best for you, all on our new video based school platform that is totally searchable. Pop a search term in the search box and it will pull up all videos where this term exists along with giving you the timestamps in each video where this is mentioned. Is that cool as fuck or what y'all!


I wanted to create something that is quick, easy, but extremely powerful for you, so this is a fast masterclass to do and the grid is easy to work with, but the results of utilizing your grid correctly can be downright amazing, so If you’re concerned about it being time consuming or hard, don’t be.


You'll Also Learn:

    • My Secret Sacred Invocation Chant to bring every cell of your body, your environment, and the energies coming to you more into alignment with your intention every day in every way.



  1. Services

  3. 1 Month Voxer Magickal Manifestation Masterclass Small Group Chat

  4. Where I will be available for you to ask me any questions you have about the curriculum in this masterclass, get guidance on creating your intention for this grid, grid placement, setup maintenance, troubleshooting etc.

      • I will reply within 24 hours or less, (usually waaay less), Monday through Thursday. Fridays will usually be answered same day and weekend communications will be answered on Mondays.

      • This is done in a group chat format so that others can benefit from your questions and save you significant moolah.




Your Masterclass Course Pack

22-piece Magickal Manifestation Grid singularly linked to a Manifestation Guide just for You

    • 5-piece Carrying Set linked to Your Guide so that you can receive guidance even when you aren't near or actively working with your grid.

  1. Plus
  3. Downloadable PDF's of:

All Masterclass Lessons

Masterclass Workbook

Innate Energies of the Stone Types You'll be Partnering with in this Masterclass







Lifetime access in video format with downloadable audio files and text transcripts so you can consume the content in whichever form works best for your lifestyle.

The curriculum is fully searchable so that you can find what you are looking for with ease.



Downloadable and printable PDF worksheets/workbooks so you can use them over and over again to create your magickal intentions to help you in manifesting that which you desire.


Physical Tools:

All of the Tools needed to complete this masterclass are included and are hand-picked by me to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

All to empower you to
manifest that which you desire.





  • or 6 Monthly payments


Access to this masterclass starts in July 2023.

If you need an extended payment plan, there’s a payment plan available for 6 monthly payments and you’ll be given access when your 6th payment is complete.

Are you ready to Let Your Inner Sorceress Come Out and Play?

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Not every coach or teacher:

has survived decades of abuse who can teach you how to take your personal power back and step into freedom too.

healed herself from 250+ food, product, animal, & environmental allergies, severe allergy induced asthma, debilitating migraines, PTSD, severe anxiety & panic attacks, phobias, and lost 56 unhealthy pounds in the process utilizing what is taught in Divine Feminine Alchemical Sorceress Rising.

homeschooled her children while building a business from 0 to 1 Million+ in short order through embodying what she teaches without child support, alimony, or any other form of assistance, financial or otherwise.

is a spiritual high priestess & alchemical sorceress who created a hybrid system of Lemurian & Atlantean Elemental Magick in Ancient Atlantis and has brought it into modern times to empower women to take their personal power back and while doing so, uplift the vibrational frequency of the planet to that of balance, equality, & respect.

is an expert at reading the frequency of energies of stones, objects, spaces & places, and matching your Unique Energetic Signature to the Unique Energetic Signature of the crystals & stones you need to work with to transform your life right now.


is the founder of Embodied Soul University, & Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation

is the creator of:
Human Crystal Reiki
Lemurian HCR
Atlantean HCR
Ancient Egyptian HCR
Sumerian HCR
The 4 Pillars of Embodied Soul Alchemy: Psychic Development with Crystals & Stones, Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones, Environmental Alchemy with Crystals & Stones, and Body Alchemy with Crystals & Stones
Magickal Alchemy
Sorceress Rising
Emotional Alchemy Neuro Manifestation Mastery with Crystals & Stones

who is a

12 time Reiki Master with a single source double lineage,

professionally trained psychic specializing in past lives

has studied and is fully trained in a vast array of energy healing modalities and metaphysics for 30+ years who knows what works universally and what doesn’t.

is a master of universal laws and truths who can guide you to master them too so that you can experience joyful relationships, financial sovereignty, and excellent health & well-being.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~

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