Each planet symbolizes a universal part of our experiences. They govern different areas of us physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. They influence our needs, wants, passions day to day lives.

Imagine each of the planets as a person. They each have specific jobs, interests, goals etc. And just like most people, they will express themselves a little bit differently depending on the energies that they are interacting with. This can be each other, the zodiacs, and you.

As we all have our very own unique combination of cosmic influences, we will each have different needs of calling in the influences of specific planets & cosmic bodies at different times of our lives. Because of our Unique Energetic Signatures, we will respond differently to these influences as well.

This masterclass will give you the opportunity to connect with each of these energies and get to know their specialties, so that you can “call in” only those influences you would like to experience in your life to assist you with manifesting the experiences you desire.

So that you can do that, you'll learn about the Innate Energies of, and receive Guided Meditation Attunements & Activations for:








You'll also learn:

Why we include the Sun, Moon, & Pluto as planets when working with Cosmic Energies for Manifestation.

Which planet has huge blanket effect influence on entire generations.

What are personal planets and why they're so important.

Which planets are the Social Planets



Which planets have the strongest affect on our day-to-day lives and short-term issues.

Which planets help you to discover the inner workings of your personality.

Which have the most influence on communication, romance, your career, and business, if you’re a business owner.

Which planets influence is unique from person to person.



Which planets have a very strong influence on your personal life and your social perceptions.

Which planets strongly influence how you operate within the social frameworks of your work life, your career, your friend groups etc.

Which planets are strongly present for major turning points in our lives.

Which planet to call upon when you are really ready to shake things up.



Which Planets are Collective Planets

Which planets govern your generation.

Which planets charge too big of an energetic punch to work with.

Which planets carry a massive charge in the collective consciousness.



How to know which planets "play nice" with your Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign and which ones you shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

How to know which planet is your rockin' this lifetime and how to tell how much you’ve embodied this planet in past lives.

How to know which planet fits you like your favorite pair of shoes and which one feels like it's leaving energic blister.

How to know which planet's energies embodies your emotions, your inner self, your hidden personality.

How to know which planet holds your shadow work .

How to know which planet represents how you see the world around you and your relationships.

How to know which planet is your first impression, how others see you, rather than how you see yourself.

How to know which planet is the general energy you bring to your day-to-day life and also how you reveal your emotions privately vs publicly.



All about Planetary Hours

All about Planetary Retrogrades

How to tell if a planet's retrograde do's and don'ts may not apply to you at all.



The Core Universal Master Stones of these Planets & their Innate Energies.


  1. Plus Downloadable PDF's of:

All Masterclass Lessons

Cosmic Energies Workbook

Planetary Cheat Sheet

Dignities Cheat Sheet






Lifetime access in video format with downloadable audio files and text transcripts so you can consume the content in whichever form works best for your lifestyle.

The curriculum is fully searchable so that you can find what you are looking for with ease.



Downloadable and printable PDF worksheets so you can use them over and over again to create your magickal sigils to help you in manifesting that which you desire.


Physical Tools:

All of the Stones needed to complete this masterclass are included and are hand-picked by me to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

All to empower you to manifest that which you desire.





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Not every coach or teacher:

has survived a mentally, emotionally, sexually, and physically abusive father, and a 20+ year marriage to an abusive on all levels husband, who can teach you how to take your personal power back and step into freedom too.

healed herself from 250+ food, product, animal, & environmental allergies, severe allergy induced asthma, debilitating migraines, PTSD, severe anxiety & panic attacks, phobias, and lost 56 unhealthy pounds in the process utilizing what is taught in Divine Feminine Alchemical Sorceress Rising.

homeschooled her children while building a business from 0 to 1 Million+ in short order through embodying what she teaches without child support, alimony, or any other form of assistance, financial or otherwise.

is a spiritual high priestess & alchemical sorceress who created a hybrid system of Lemurian & Atlantean Elemental Magick in Ancient Atlantis and has brought it into modern times to empower women to take their personal power back and while doing so, uplift the vibrational frequency of the planet to that of balance, equality, & respect.

is an expert at reading the frequency of energies of stones, objects, spaces & places, and matching your Unique Energetic Signature to the Unique Energetic Signature of the crystals & stones you need to work with to transform your life right now.


is the founder of Embodied Soul University, & Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation

is the creator of:
Human Crystal Reiki
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Magickal Alchemy
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Emotional Alchemy Neuro Manifestation Mastery with Crystals & Stones

who is a

12 time Reiki Master with a single source double lineage, 

professionally trained psychic specializing in past lives

has studied and is fully trained in a vast array of energy healing modalities and metaphysics for 30+ years who knows what works universally and what doesn’t.

is a master of universal laws and truths who can guide you to master them too so that you can experience joyful relationships, financial sovereignty, and excellent health & well-being.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~

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