Sigls are Symbols Created to hold the Energy of Your Intentions to help You Manifest that which YOU desire to Experience into your Physical Reality 



How to Create Many Kinds of Sigils:

Word Sigils

(which are often eroneously credited to the "Father of Chaos Magick", but actually began in Atlantis)

The Critical Rule that if you don't follow, will make your Sigils a complete waste of Your Time

Symbolic Sigils

If you're a Visual person, these are the Must Do Sigils for You plus 15 ideas to get your Creative Juices flowing

How to Combine different types of Sigils

Magic Squares

How the Most Famous Magic Square of All came to be and how to use it

What type of Magic Square the Romans preferred an the best way to utilize them

Plus how to Create Your Own Magic Squares with letters & numbers

Magic Circles

The 4 Steps to successfully create Your Own Magic Circle Sigils

Automatic Writing

Are you Spontaneousl & just like to Go with the Flow? Then Automatic Writing Sigils are Perfect for YOU, plus the best technique for Flow & Ease

Which Colors for Which types of Sigils

Using the Wrong Color background for Your Sigils won't happen after you read this lesson

Charging Your Sigils

The most Critical Step in Charging Your Sigils and what 5 Things you Must engage to do so

The 4 most powerful Stones to Use while Charging Yours

  1. How to Activate Your Sigils
  2. The 2 Must Do steps to Activate Your Sigils
  4. How to Deploy Your Magical Sigils
  5. Temporary Sigils:
  6. 7 Ways when you need to do it Fast
  7. 3 Ways when you need to do it Slow
  8. Creative ways for occasional but repeated purpose Sigils
  9. 8 Ways to deploy Event or Time Specific Sigils
  10. The "Must Knows" about Permanent Purpose Sigils & 14 Ways to deploy them


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Elemental Sigils

Moon Sigils



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Physical Tools:
All of the Stones needed to complete this masterclass are included and are hand-picked by me to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature.

All to empower you to manifest that which you desire.





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homeschooled her children while building a business from 0 to 1 Million+ in short order through embodying what she teaches without child support, alimony, or any other form of assistance, financial or otherwise.

is a spiritual high priestess & alchemical sorceress who created a hybrid system of Lemurian & Atlantean Elemental Magick in Ancient Atlantis and has brought it into modern times to empower women to take their personal power back and while doing so, uplift the vibrational frequency of the planet to that of balance, equality, & respect.

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