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    Sacred You Alchemist - Soul Sovereignty:

    A six-month journey to shed the bullshit masks that you've put on, and personas you've adopted to conform to societal, family, & relationship norms and demands to discover who the fuck you really are, Your Soul Level Gifts, & Your Soul Stories. I'll show you how to get off your energetic ass to honor and own that with every choice you make so that you can live a life filled with purpose, passion, & inner peace, and yes, you do deserve it!  


    Through raw truth journeys you will learn how to:

      •     > Check your energetic baggage and turn karma into your bitch.
      •     > Invoke daily rituals to align with universal gratitude so you can attract abundance.
      •     > Rediscover your soul gifts so that you can live life on your terms.

      •     > Torch trauma from the past so you can rewrite your future.
      •     > Discover your Master Soul Keys and eternal gifts so you can share your magic.

        > Rewrite your story's polarity so you can manifest your desires.


    Your Keys to Unlocking Soul Sovereignty within You:


    Month 1: Un-Fuck Yourself ~ Check Your Energy before It Checks You to Transform Your Karma from a Bitch to Your Bitch: How Karma & The Law of Attraction Really Work, Energetic Choices that you are making every second of every day that determine your future karma, and utilizing The Power Pyramid Process to help you move out of manifesting suck-ass to manifesting karmic bliss.

    Month 2: Attitude of Gratitude - Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude to 10x your manifestation abilities. Learn daily rituals that will have you in alignment with gratitude's energy, while weekly & holiday practices will rock your world and your family's too, so that you create a legacy of gratitude. Discover the the Core Universal Master Stones of Gratitude to add some serious energetic oomph to your manifesting.

    Bonus Content:

    Arts and crafts projects that are simple enough for kids to do, but you can make them as fancy as suits you and your home.
    How to set up and activate your very own gratitude jar and daily & weekly practices to actively work with it.

    Month 3: Invoking Immortality I -Know Thy Rebel Self: Dive deep into the essence of your soul. Uncover the energetic keys that make you, well, you. Explore Blocks to Truth, Soul Shells, Light Power Imaging, Are You Mono-Souled, or Soul Shifting?, Your Master Soul Key, Soul Overlays/Underlays, Your Core Energy Keys, Which of the Eight Energy Keys are your Power Keys to manifesting ,Your Number of Core Spirit Guides, The Gender Your Soul Identifies As, Divine Gifts, Soul Vibration Rate, Spheres of Protection, Periods in History That are a positive influence in this lifetime. Mystery School Involvement from past lives that are a positive influence in this lifetime, Divine spark Connections, so that you can fully understand your soul's unique journey. It's all about embracing your true self, unapologetically, so that you can become a beacon of authenticity.

    Month 4: Invoking Immortality II - Eternally Yours: Unlock the secrets of your soul level gifts & specializations. dive into the polarities of your primary life theme and choose the right one to manifest your desires, alll so that you can wield your gifts with precision., and unleash your full potential.

    Month 5: Confronting Your Inner Demons Like a Badass: Dive into the source of negative repeating patterns and confront your inner demons. Learn about Negative Guides, Vows, Golden Web Tears and Scars, Open Portalways, to negative astrals, past lives, other races of beings, Parallel lifetimes., Godspark damage and secondary Godsparks, Soul Facet Loss or Gain, Negative Astrals Travel, Negative Energy Influence, Unjustified Negative Karma, Past Life Contracts, Soul Mates, Compassionate Connections, Negative Thought Forms, Anger Spears, Soul Memory Issues. Entities, Pacts, Bindings, Curses, Spells, Attaching Entities, and Etheric Implants, physical implants, Earth bound souls, ghosts, and poltergeists, so that you can face your shadows head-on.

    It's time to release what no longer serves you, and in that release, you'll find the power to fully embrace your authentic self, both light and shadow, achieving the balance that defines true rebellion.


    Month 6: Soul Alchemist IX: Robin Z UnFuck Me aka: Your Soul Stories
    Banishing Negative Karma & Invoking Karmic Grace: Discover your Soul Stories of who, what, where & why of your Original Choices that created the negative repeating patterns from your past lives that are still impacting you right now and and energetically clear those bitches with a 21-day sacred ritual.


    Plus Services done by Robin Z:


    Soul Alchemy Readings

        > Soul Alchemy Part One Reading: Know Thyself

        > Soul Alchemy Part Two Reading: Know Thy Gifts

        > Soul Alchemy Part Three Reading: Soul Stories


    Soul Code Attunements & Activations

        > Master Soul Key
        > Master Energy Keys

        > Life Theme Polarity of Choice
        > Karmic Grace
        > Soul Level Gifts

        > Releasing that which No Longer Serves


    Akashic Records Soul Stories Karmic Clearing




    > Private Facebook Group: Connect with fellow black sheep and Robin Z herself, so that you can find your tribe.

    > Sovereign Worksheets: Weekly tools to ignite your rebel transformation, so that you can stay on track.

    > Multi-format Mastery: Lessons delivered in video, downloadable audio, and printable PDF formats, so that you can choose your style.

    > One-on-One Voxer or Telegram Support: Get your related questions answered throughout Sacred You - Soul Sovereignty, so that you never feel alone on your journey.


    Optional StoneWork Course Pack: Crystals, Stones, & Energy Healing Tools: Level up your rebel journey with optional support, so that you can amplify your energy.

          > Power Pyramid Bracelet Circuit Sets

          > Power Pyramid Carrying Set


        > Gratitude Bracelet Circuit Sets

        > Gratitude Circuit Carrying Set

        > Gratitude Jar Stones Set


         > Throat Chakra Bracelet Circuit Sets

         > Throat Chakra Carrying Set


         > Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet Circuit Sets

         > Solar Plexus Chakra Carrying Set


         > Releasing that which No Longer Serves You Bracelet Circuit Sets

        > Releasing that which No Longer Serves You Carring Set


        > 21- day Ritual Set


    Your course pack items will be hand-picked by me to resonate with your unique energetic signature. All items will be 4C'd, and will be double bagged.


    Screw Society's Expectations - Unleash Your True Self! Join us for this six-month journey that'll kick your energetic ass into high gear. Discover how to make bold new choices, take actions like a badass, and claim the life you desire, because hell yes, you deserve it! Own your soul gifts, Ignite your Badass Soul and live the impact only you can make. Unapologetic Authenticity. You simply need to be open and committed to lasting change.

    Ready to unapologetically own your soul's truth and unleash your inner badass? Your rebellion begins now.


    I always felt like I was here to do something, but I could never figure out what. It always felt like something was missing from my life, like there was a hole that I couldn't fill, no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes I was so frustrated about it that I would lay in bed awake at night for hours, not being able to sleep.

    I tried so many different things, hoping that each one would be "THE THING" that I was meant to do in the world. But none of them were. I've also done many programs that were supposed to help me "find my purpose", but they either left me confused or even more frustrated than ever because none of them helped me to find my purpose, and I had wasted so much money, (waaay more expensive than Robins), and time on them.

    Robin's program is so different than all those other ones I did. First of all, it did help me to find my purpose, which was the whole point, but it also gave me the confidence to just be me and not worry about what other people think. So much confidence in fact, that I shocked my family and friends by starting my own business, (with zero support from them by the way), quit my job and moved to another state where I felt I was supposed to be. Now, I have a thriving business that I love and life just keeps getting better and better.

    Emma S.


    This program only happens twice a year, so Spots are Very Limited, enroll early so you don't miss your chance!
    First Session: March 2024 - Second Session: September 2024

    Full payment & 6 monthly payments will get access to the next available session.
    Longer monthly payments will start the next available session after your 6th payment has cleared.


    Limited Time Pay in Full Bonuses!


    Six months of Human Crystal Reiki Boost Group Soul Sovereignty Alignment Sessions
    ($2,684 value)

    These are currently exclusive to this program!


    Before the pandemic, I had minor anxiety, a panic attack here and there, but nothing I couldn't deal with. But after the pandemic, when the world started to return to normal, I couldn't. Everything was anxiety inducing. It seemed like every day was one panic attack after another. I couldn't stand to do everyday things like grocery shopping, getting gas, etc., much less socialize with my friends or go to work outside of my home.

    My best friend is one of Robin's students and she talked me into trying her reiki boost sessions. I'd tried everything else under the sun, so I gave it a shot, not expecting it to help at all.

    With the first session, I felt a little less anxious. After the second session, I was down to only 1 panic attack a day. By the third session, I only had a couple of panic attacks during that week. By the forth session, no panic attacks and my general anxiousness was almost gone! By the fifth session, I could do basic everyday life things without any issues, and by the 7th session, I was able to start hanging out with my friends again! Try it, I am so thankful that my best friend told me about her!

    Kara B.


    Why choose me as your Reiki practitioner?

    I was trained and attuned by a Reiki Grand Master. My training required multiple days for each level, and many, many hours of training, and performing sessions on actual clients with my Reiki Grand Master making sure that my technique was perfected, and that I could channel and hold this energy correctly for each Master Level I hold.

    This was an investment of many years of my life and roughly a quarter million dollars. I take my responsibility to you of being the best that I can be for you very seriously.

    Reiki or any other type of energy work training should never be done by book, or without your teacher seeing you run the energy and that you have mastered the techniques on many real clients, period. Would you let someone perform surgery on you if the only qualifications they have were studying the textbooks, listening to lectures, and watching someone else perform the surgery?

    Time between levels is also essential to allow the practitioner's Master Energetic System time to adjust to running a much larger channel and higher frequency of energy. 30 days minimum.

    Lineage is very important, because a lot can be lost in translation, think of the games “pass it on” or “the phone game”. The shorter the lineage, the better. I’ve seen many popular traditions who don’t even use correctly drawn symbols, and leave out a lot of important information in their training manuals.

    I carry a double lineage:

    U.S. Lineage     European Lineage

    Usui                     Usui

    Hayashi               Hayashi

    Takata                 Takata

    Beth Gray Lord John Gray

    Allison Hayes

    Robin Zendayah (me)


    A 12 time Reiki Master in:
    Traditional Usui Reiki
    Takata Reiki
    Rock Girl Reiki
    Distance Reiki
    Past Life Reiki
    Human Crystal Reiki
    Lemurian Human Crystal Reiki
    Atlantean Human Crystal Reiki
    Ancient Egyptian Human Crystal Reiki
    Ancient Sumerian Human Crystal Reiki
    Ancestral Human Crystal Reiki
    Sorceress Rising Elemental Reiki


    During a Stone Sorceress Distance Human Crystal Grid Reiki Session, I connect with you psychically and channel Reiki energy to you as described above, as well as through Master Stones here with me.

    The Reiki energy flowing through the stones pick up the innate energies of the Master Stones and deliver that energy to you, as well as the Universal Life Force Energy carried through the distance Crystal Reiki Boost Session.

    This powerful technique was created by me and is only practiced by me. Please let me know if you see someone else claiming to practice this technique as I don’t want people being taken advantage of or experiencing harmful effects due to someone else’s lack of training, skill, knowledge & experience.

    Before I connect with you, I cleanse, clear, charge, and correct my D.O.R. (dominant oscillatory rate) of my Auric Field, as well as the space I’m working in. I then open up the channel above to receive the Reiki energy, as well as opening up the channel below to connect to the Earth, so that I am well-grounded and can run a much larger channel of energy than someone who isn’t connected to the Earth during a session.

    What is distance Reiki and how does it work?

    What is distance Reiki?

    Distance Reiki sessions are when a Reiki practitioner sends Reiki energy (life force, prana, chi) to an individual, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future. Reiki energy works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved, and will never override a person’s free will, nor cause harm. Only your higher self knows whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing is in your highest good, not your conscious mind. If whatever issue(s) you are having are life lessons you chose to learn in this lifetime, or karmic debt, Reiki will not interfere with that. It can bring specific lessons to the surface so that you can work through them far more quickly than without Reiki, and release them in future sessions. To receive distance Reiki you do not have to be in a meditative state.


    How does Reiki work?

    Everything is made of energy. Every ailment or issue starts out as an energetic imbalance in the energy system surrounding and within the body. Your energetic system is designed to receive divine energy through your upper chakras outside the physical body, and Earth energy drawn up through your Root chakra from your Earth Star chakra. You also discharge excess, stagnant, and harmful energy into the Earth through your Earth Star chakra. Your Auric Field, which surrounds your body, can absorb and discharge energy to and from your environment, other people, and entities. When the flow of life force energy is disrupted, it causes mental, emotional, spiritual or physical issues. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field, bringing powerful life force energy. A Reiki practitioner doesn’t decide what the energy will heal or not heal, your higher self does.

    In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant healing is based on Quantum Physics, energy is not restricted to any time and location. It is possible to transmit Reiki energies over any distance.

    • Reiki energy is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.
    • There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive a Reiki session. As in any healing the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed.
    • Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit.
    • Many benefits have been experienced by those who have received Reiki treatments. A few of those are:
    • Increases sense of well-being
    • Accelerates healing
    • Pain relief
    • Increases creativity
    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Rejuvenation of body & soul
    • Aids in detoxification
    • Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balancing
    • Reduced sides effects of chemotherapy
    • Spiritual growth
    • Increases ability to handle life’s challenges with calmness & clarity
    • Promotes natural self-healing
    • Balances the energies in the body
    • Balances the organs and glands
    • Treats symptoms and causes of illness
    • Clears toxins
    • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
    • Enhances personal awareness
    • Relaxes and reduces stress & anxiety
    • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
    • Aids meditation and positive thinking
    • Heals holistically

    (Please observe that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, it should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.)

    Will I feel anything?

    You may feel heat, tingling, coldness and/or have visual experiences during your distant healing session. All are normal. If you feel nothing, that does not mean the treatment was unsuccessful. Rather, if nothing is felt that may mean that the healing energy was working on some issues other than physical, namely the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies as directed by your soul.

    You may be doing some activity, working or sleeping. The Reiki energy will not interrupt your activities, make you tired while you are driving or fall asleep at work, for example. The Reiki energy knows what most serves you in each moment.

    Why should I have distance Reiki sessions?

    Why Should I Have Distance Reiki Sessions?

    • General healing: Restore your body, emotions, and mind to your natural state of well-being.
    • Specific Events: surgery, auditions, interviews, public speaking, travel, exams.
    • Life Transitions: Marriage, Divorce, death, new home, new job.
    • Goals: Weight loss, improve relationships, increase financial flow.
    • Convenience: tight schedule, illness, too far to travel.

    Instant Healing Results

    (Typically resolved within 24-48 Hours)

    A person’s free will, soul and higher-self all need to be in harmony to affect an instant healing. Chronic long term conditions are not usually responsive to instant healings and are instead most likely to improve and heal over time. A person does not get themselves into the mess they are in with their health issues overnight.

    Instant healings usually result when a person is consciously ready and willing to let go of a condition or conditions that no longer serves them, when you have worked through the life lesson(s) that your issue is part of. This includes resolving and letting go of all non-beneficial beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and emotions that have either caused, contributed or influenced their health complaints and interfered with their body’s natural ability to correct, repair and heal itself. People are naturally more receptive to spiritual healing when they are willing to change their limiting perceptions to a more balanced, loving and harmonious outlook.

    A person who is ready to heal ultimately realizes that their health and well-being far outweighs any alternative of them holding onto any anger, judgment, grief or other painful emotions.

    Some people also have an underlying fear or worry about becoming well again because of the life changes that wellness would bring. Being co-dependent on others or being financially dependent on any sickness benefits, can at times keep a person temporarily stuck in their health issue. The spiritual truth is that any lack of integrity, selfish desires, underlying fear, or stubborn refusal to change any destructive behaviors and patterns – will all impinge on a person’s consciousness and cause resistance in their path of healing. Your thoughts affect every single cell in your body.

    Improved Results

    Many people, while not receiving an instant healing, will begin to show signs of positive improvements in their health condition. This often includes a noticeable improvement in pain reduction and relief. They will also have a greater clarity of mind and a more positive outlook/expectation. The healing they receive will work in harmony with their free will and personal responsibility to breakthrough their issues. Although results are slower, the person can eventually heal and for many people the results are permanent.

    Chronic Conditions

    For chronic issues, long term illnesses and complaints, distance Reiki can help to bring relief to a certain degree as many years of toxic energetic build-up has accumulated and needs to be undone. Many distance Reiki sessions are necessary for the person, which typically serves as an important spiritual and energetic support system for the dysfunctional body part and/or conditions.

    Many times, it can take months for a person to notice a beneficial improvement in their specific issue that has persisted for them. Blood results begin to improve and an overall rise in a person’s energy levels are noted. Distance Reiki sessions also help to support a person’s conscious mind and empower their personal responsibility to make any necessary positive life changes.

    For chronic issues, a person must be willing to make beneficial changes in their overall consciousness. These include changing any limiting beliefs/perceptions, resolving and letting go of deep emotional pain, being willing to live their truth, being willing to bring harmony back to where there is disharmony, and making the necessary common sense life style changes that will best serve them. If you do not participate in your own self-healing process, you will not get the results you desire.

    Chronic conditions are often deeply entrenched into a person’s psyche (soul), and etheric energy body (the blueprint pattern for the physical body), which can mean that damage is done deep at the core/grid of a person. Any issue can be corrected, as long as it is in agreement with your higher self to do so. And cam take quite some time for you to be ready to energetically release those issues. If you do not take care of your chakras and auric field properly, Reiki will take longer to work.

    Why Some Don't Resolve

    While there can be many different factors, forces, and reasons for why a person’s issues don’t resolve, here are the ones that are most common:

    • Free will is not in harmony with the soul and higher-self to desire an instant healing
    • Karma that needs to be resolved (Belief, Thought, Emotion & Action) – the Law of Cause & Effect
    • Improper Maintenance of the Chakras and Auric Field
    • Ancestor/generational energetic interference – (Genetic Memory & DNA)
    • Earthbound Spirit – (Entity Interference)
    • Geopathic Stress – (Home/Property Needs Clearing)
    • Past Life Interference – (Multidimensional/Simultaneous Soul Memories)
    • Inner Child Trauma – (Limiting Beliefs, Unresolved Emotions/Memories from the Womb to the Present Moment)
    • Soul Challenge Experience – (For a Greater Purpose & Not Understood on a Conscious Level)
    • Wanting instant success and help while not willing to do the necessary inner healing work required

    Please do realize that you are paying for my time and expertize, not the actual healing results. Your results are ultimately up to your higher self.

    Distance Reiki works on many different levels, supporting you with an inner strength and clarity of mind to work through the life lessons you chose before birth, to work through Karmic Debt, to break or fulfill Soul Contracts, in order to help you initiate a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing.

    You can learn more about me here.

    My clients and students have nicknamed me the Stone Whisperer for my ability to communicate with stones. They have also nicknamed me The Stone Sorceress for my ability to utilize the innate energy of stones for transformation, and the Soul Whisperer for my ability to read the Unique Energetic Signature of your Soul.

    I have worked with stones all my life, and have done so professionally for over 35 years. My training is every continuing to be able to bring more Empowerment opportunities to your life.

    Empowered Blessings Y’all,

    Robin Z ~ The Stone Sorceress


    D.F.A.S.R. Alumni, DM me for your discount code.

    Thank you!



    I guarantee that you will have access to what is stated that you will have access to for the level that you enroll at. It is up to you to take appropriate action to see results. All sales are final.

    Payment Plans - When will I be billed?

    Initial payment is billed immediately when you enroll. Subsequent monthly payments are automatically billed within 24 hours before or after the same day of the month as you enrolled on each month.

    When do I get access?

    Full payment & 6 monthly payments will get access to the next available session. (See start dates above.)
    Longer monthly payments will start the next available session after your 6th payment has been made.

    Private Facebook Group


    There are group rules. These rules are there to make sure it is a safe space for all. If you break them, you will be removed and no refunds will be given, so don't be an ass, simple.

    Why don't you sell stones to the public? And Why my students & clients rave about my stones.


    I don't sell stones to people who I don't know know how to work with them correctly, period.


    Due to the ridiculous amounts of misinformation out there about working with stones, odds are, most people don't know how to work with them correctly or take care of them properly.


    I handpick practitioner level stones and tools because I care about my students & clients, and the stones, and I want them to receive the benefits of working with highly energetically active stones, not a bunch of pretty shelf sitters that are energetically dormant or dead.


    When you become my student or client, I will hand pick stones and tools for your course packs and subscriptions that resonate with your unique energetic signature, as well as work together harmoniously for the intended purpose. I've been doing this for 35+ years. This is extremely time consuming and requires a unique combination of natural gifts to do it, and can't be taught.


    I worked for one of the largest importers of stones in this country for 12 years before becoming a mom, (my youngest is 21) and I learned which mines and manufacturers treated stones with care, and which ones only cared about their bottom line. I made many invaluable connections then, that today, allow me entry in to areas of warehouses that most businesses aren't allowed to shop from.


    Most stones that come into the United States come through Charleston, S.C., and the further west you go, the more picked over the stones are at gem shows. I handpick mainly at warehouses in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, where the goodies are before they go to gem shows.


    I hand pick all of the stones for my students, clients and my shop for their level of energy, and only purchase from importers that I know take care of them properly, and from mines that handle them in a way that does not affect them negatively.


    Unfortunately, 95% of stones on the market do not stand up to my stringent standards.


    Why My Stone Sets?

    Just like with humans, there are team players, and there are lone wolves, crystals & stones are no different. With crystals & stones, roughly 70% are lone wolves, and do not play well with other stones.


    This is why I create sets for specific purposes. The crystals & stones in my sets are carefully chosen for their ability to work well as part of a cohesive unit towards a specific goal.



    A Little about Me


    Robin Zendayah is The Stone Sorceress - The Black Sheep Rebel of the Energy Healing World.

    She is the founder of Stone Sorceress University, & The Empowered Path Alchemy Foundation and the creator of 34 personal development and practitioner programs.

    She teaches open-minded people how to take their personal power back to become the sovereign ruler of their lives, Alchemizing Metaphysics, Magick, & Neuroscience so that they can live in the inner peace of purpose, passion & authenticity of their personal flavor of freedom, whether that's excellent physical, mental, & emotional health & well-being, joyful relationships, financial abundance, or whatever else they desire.

    Robin is a spiritual high priestess & alchemical sorceress who created a hybrid system of Lemurian & Atlantean Elemental Magick in Ancient Atlantis and has brought it into modern times to empower women to take their personal power back and while doing so, uplift the vibrational frequency of the planet to that of balance, equality, & respect.

    She is a 12 time Reiki Master with a single source double lineage and a professionally trained psychic specializing in past life and ancestral line healing.

    She is a master at reading the frequency of the energies of stones, objects, spaces & places, and matching your Unique Energetic Signature to the U.E.S. of the crystals & stones you need to work with to transform your life.

    Robin has been passionately helping people to transform their lives for 35+ years.

    She is a childhood abuse, domestic violence, molestation, CPTSD, and rape survivor thriver who can teach you how to take your personal power back and step into freedom too.

    She healed herself from 250+ food, product, animal, & environmental allergies, severe life-threatening allergy induced asthma, debilitating migraines, and lost 56 unhealthy pounds in the process utilizing what she teaches.

    She homeschooled her children while building a business from 0- 7 figures in short order through embodying what she teaches without child support, alimony, or any other form of assistance, financial or otherwise.

    She is proudly neurodivergent and autistic, which she sees as an amazing blessing. She is very grateful that she gets to experience life through this beautiful lens of empowerment!

    Robin stands for Breaking the chains of the trauma/abuse cycle in as many lives as possible, and ending the stigma around mental health issues, all forms of abuse, toxic positivity, & all forms of discrimination.

    She is a passionate supporter of personal sovereignty, self-expression, authenticity, equality, animal rights, human rights, planetary rights, compassionate action and the creative use of all variations of the word fuck.

    When not empowering others, she can be found riding horses, walking on the beach, hugging a Live Oak tree, playing the drums, creating something, devouring a book, or just chillin’ with her 3 kids, 2 cats, and Bloodhound.

    Robin is also known as: The Stone Whisperer, The Soul Alchemist, The Soul Whisperer, The Soul Sorceress, and The Soul Catalyst.