Earth Dragon Guide Manifestation Box Sets

Earth Dragon Guide Manifestation Box Sets
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Earth Dragon Guide Manifestation Box Sets

Earth Dragon’s specialization is manifesting whatever tangible items you consider to be treasure, whether that be money, a house, a car, more stones, lol or tangible items. Earth dragons are masters when it comes to finding and keeping treasure.

Your Earth dragon guide is linked to their dragon eye box, and you will write what tangible items you desire on little slips of paper and place them in the box.

They’re also linked to the other goodies he, she or they are bringing with them.

They’re going to bring you a freeform polished carrying set which includes these Master Manifestation stones:

Fire Agate, Carnelian, Orange Calcite


Smoky Quartz to ground that which you desire into physical reality.

Black Tourmaline to ensure that it only comes from positive, joyful sources.


And four stones which specifically resonate to manifesting tangible items:





And quartz to amplify the energies of all of the other stones.

Carry your carrying set during the day to stay connected to your dragon, so that he can guide you in your path to manifesting what you want and to utilize the innate energies of the stones to attract your tangible desires. At night, place the stones in your dragon eye box, on top of the slips of paper that you’ve written your desires down on.

They’re also going to bring you a lightly polished orange calcite circuit set which I recommend working with every night before bed for a few minutes, then sleeping with them, so that your dragon may help guide your dreams to show you ways to get that which you seek. During the day, keep them in your dragon eye box while you’re carrying the carrying set.

The final thing that your dragon is bringing you is a quartz pendulum or an orange calcite pendulum, (their choice). Use this pendulum to receive guidance from your manifestation dragon about how to manifest that which you desire or about what is holding you back from having it. 

You’ll also receive emailed instructions for working with your dragon manifestation guide.