Environmental Petrified Wood Skull Guides - Choose Yours

Environmental Petrified Wood Skull Guides - Choose Yours
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Environmental Petrified Wood Skull Guides! 

I have an amazing offering for you today. These Environmental Petrified Wood Skulls are Master Guides for Past Life Exploration, Ancestral Communication, and Breaking Negative Repeating Patterns so that you can more easily manifest joyful relationships, excellent health & well-being & financial abundance. 

They also work very closely with the Deva of the stone to assist you with all things related to the innate energy of Petrified Wood, a very powerful Core Universal Master Stone of the Body Deva, who’s been with you for every single past life and who is with you now, waiting to guide you on all things related to your physical body.  

Petrified Wood’s innate energies can also help you with things like: 





Being Fully Present 

Enjoying Life  

And so much more! 

You can check out the full innate energies below. 

They are bringing a carrying stone so that you can connect with them even when you are away from their chosen vessel. 

I’m so looking forward to seeing who is ready to receive the gifts that these guides have to offer you! 

I normally only am able to offer them one at a time once or twice a year at most, so make sure you take advantage of this rare opportunity, as there are only 3 still available. 

Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ RZ 



Petrified Wood 
Chakra: Earth Star Chakra 
Energy: Receptive 
Element: Earth & Spirit 
Number: 77 
Planet: Earth & Sun 
Zodiac: All 

Petrified wood is created when ancient trees were encapsulated in mineral rich water. The water slowly dissolved the fibers of the wood while replacing it with the various minerals in the water. 

Core Universal Master Stone of: 
Past Life Exploration 
Ancestral Communication 
Breaking Negative Repeating Patterns 

Body Alchemy: 

Hair, spine, bones, atrophied limbs, paralysis, skin, general health stabilizer, evolution & longevity. 
Breaking bad habits, instilling calm and contentment, strength, leadership, being present in the now, enjoying life & acceptance. 
Calm, safety, security & stability. 
Soul Alchemy: 
Identifying and breaking negative repeating karmic patterns, exploring past lives & connecting with ancestors. 
Environmental Alchemy: 
Business success and general protection. Environmental sized pieces, (3+ inches), can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.