Healing the Collective Consciousness Starts with Me Sets
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Healing the Collective Consciousness Sets
These sets include 3 hearts that will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature and whose innate energies will offer you clues about where your biggest challenges lie in healing your own energy to help to heal the energy of the collective consciousness.

The color of the ribbon that they’re tied with will tell you whether your biggest challenges can be best overcome with either taking new physical action (green), taking new spiritual action (pink), taking new mental action (yellow) or taking new emotional action (orange).

Working with these hearts can be done by meditating with them, carrying them or keeping them on your bedside table to receive guidance while you sleep.

You will also receive a freeform polished rhodonite bracelet to wear to remind you of your connection to the collective consciousness and to be mindful of your choices, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and because rhodonite is a core universal master stone of the spiritual aspects of the heart chakra.

You will receive a PDF document via email with this information and the innate energies of the stone types of your hearts as well as your rhodonite bracelet.