Mangano Calcite Healing Hearts Guide Stone Sets

Mangano Calcite Healing Hearts Guide Stone Sets
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Mangano Calcite Fierce Self-Love Scepters of Sovereignty Guide Stone Sets can be found HERE.

Mangano Calcite Fierce Self-Love Scepters of Sovereignty & Healing Hearts Guide Stone Sets
What does it mean to be Fierce?
Standing your ground when things get tough
Always looking to better themself and the world around them
Has the utmost respect for themself and what they believe in
Isn’t afraid to share their opinions and speak their truths
Isn’t afraid to put themselves first
Isn’t afraid to set healthy relationship boundaries and stick to them

Someone who’s Fierce understands that:
The better she cares for herself, the better she can care for those she loves
The better she cares for herself, the better she can affect the changes in the world that she wants to see
If she does not respect herself first, no one else will

Are these areas that you could use some assistance and guidance with? These guides have come forward just for that purpose and are ready, willing and able to help you become the Fierce Self-love, Self-care Warrior you were always meant to be so that you can experience that which you desire in all areas of your life.

They’ve chosen to be linked to some amazing hand-carved, hand polished pieces of Mangano Calcite, a Core Universal Master Stone of:

They will work closely with the Deva of the Stone to assist you with all things related to the innate energies of Mangano Calcite too. You can check out the full properties below.

They’ll also be bringing you a carrying stone so that you can stay connected to them even when you are away from them.

They’re environmental sized, so they will affect approximately 20 feet in all directions around them, including above and below.

You can choose between a Scepter of Sovereignty or a Healing Heart form. These will be custom linked to a singularly linking guide for you after you complete your purchase and they will be tagged with that guide’s name when you receive them.

There aren’t many of these to go around, so be quick before they’re all gone.

These guides will fiercely support you in your self-love & self-care adventures.
Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ RZ

Mangano Calcite
“The Reiki Stone”
Chakra: Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra
Element: Water & Air
Energy: Receptive
Number: 2
Planet: Venus & Mercury
Zodiac: All

Core Universal Master Stone of Self-love, self-care, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-worth & tranquility.

Body Alchemy:
Bone issues, breast, immune system, intestinal issues, joint issues, nervous system issues, nutritional absorption, pain relief, skeletal system, skin issues, general tissue health and physical trauma.
Releasing anxiety, discernment, laziness, learning, motivation, night terrors & nightmares, relieving stress & tension, unification of mental & emotional, and revitalization.
Compassion, fear, forgiveness, grief, hope, love, sexual abuse, and emotional trauma.

Soul Alchemy:
Angelic communication, the Divine, Universal Love, and Universal Truth.

Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces, (3+ inches), can be utilized to invoke the innate energies of this stone in a space.

Reiki Note:
Excellent stone to have in an environmental size in your space where you do sessions, as long as you are 4C’ing it between each session. It is wonderful to facilitate understanding of your client’s issues and deep emotional healing.