Manifesting with Quartz, Chipstones, & Elixirs, Oh My!

Manifesting with Quartz, Chipstones, & Elixirs, Oh My!
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Powerful Techniques, Perfect Timing, and Potent Potential for Manifesting with Quartz, Chipstones, & Elixirs.


Part One: Oh My!

Refreshing, amplifying, gridding, & Alchemy Amphoras for Manifestation with Quartz.

Module 1: Refreshing Your Memory

A memory refresher, useful reference material, and a powerful technique to get you started with Quartz.

  • Quartz Master Formations
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Working with Quartz
  • Working with Quartz Points: Charging Quartz Points with your intention & How to Utilize that energy. 

Module 2: Amplifying with Quartz

Learning to amplify with quartz is an Excellent way to try out the general energy of a stone type, pure shape, or form before you invest in larger pieces, specific shapes or forms, or expensive jewelry,

  • In this Module You’ll Learn How to Amplify the Energy of:
    • Your Jewelry
    • Your Stones, Rocks & Crystals
    • The pure energies of forms and shapes
    • Your intentions
    • Your sigils
    • What you write
    • What you say
    • Your candle work

Module 3: Gridding with Quartz

When and how to use Quartz in Your Sacred Geometry Grids for Energetic Oomph!

  • Center Stones
  • Amplifiers
  • Bridging
  • Directing Flow

Module 4: Alchemy Amphora Manifestation with Quartz

Explore how to Work with Your Amphora Manifestation Set for any Intention, Desire, Goal, or Dream.

  • Set Up
  • Placement
  • Working With
  • Staying Connected
  • Maintenance

Part Two: Charging Quartz

Learning to charge Quartz with Chipstones is an Excellent way to try out the general energy of a stone type before you invest in larger pieces or utilize the Quartz you already have with a myriad of energies & intentions.

Module 5: Charging with Chipstones and Charging Vessels:

  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Charging Vessels
  • Charging with Alchemy Amphoras
  • Charging Wheels
  • Charging with Pouches

Module 6: Charging with Herbs or Oils

  • Creating a Charging Grid
  • Charging with Glass Vessels
  • The Top 20 Herbs/Spices/Flowers/Oils for Charging & their Innate Energies

Module 7: Charging with the Moon

Techniques & Timing for Successful Manifesting with the Moon.

  • The perfect techniques for Charging Your Stones with the Moon
  • Timing is Crucial, and You’ll learn the specific windows of time to charge and the What’s and When’s of these:
    • Blue Moon
    • Black Moon
    • Phases
    • Northern Hemisphere full moon names by month
    • Southern Hemisphere full moon names by month
    • Full Moon names by Season
  • Learn these types innate energies that are associated with each month’s specific full moon so that you always charge your stones with just the right energies that you need to manifest that which you desire:
    • Nature Spirits
    • Herb
    • Colors
    • Flowers
    • Scents
    • Stones
    • Trees
    • Animals
    • Birds
    • Deities
    • Power Flows
  • The Zodiac Sign that the Moon is in is often ignored, but when charging your Quartz, it is crucial to your success, and I’ll show you just the right one to use for your desired outcome.

Part Three: Elixirs

The traditional way of creating gem elixirs is dangerous and can even be lethal if you do it with the wrong stone types. I’ll show you how to safely create your own.

Module 8: Safely Creating Gem Elixirs

  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Creating Elixirs
  • Working with Water Bottles
  • Working with Gemstone Coasters


Course Pack

  • 1 Amphora Manifestation Single Set
    • Glass Amphora
    • Amphora Stand
    • Amphora Tray
    • Smoky Quartz Chipstones
    • Black Tourmaline Chipstones
    • Pyrite Chipstones
    • 40-50mm Quartz Sphere
    • 4-piece Carrying Set
    • 4-piece Bracelet Set
    • Quartz Pen Holder with Pen
    • Quartz Candle Holder with Organic Beeswax Tealight
    • Bans-n-tags
  • 1 Basic Water Bottle Set
    • Glass Water Bottle
    • Neoprene Sleeve
    • Quartz Pyramind
    • Black Tourmaline
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Selenite
  • 1 Shungite Coaster

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Course access begins on June 21st 2023.