Mastering Your Divine DNA Destiny Code Archetype’s Ancestral Powers Masterclass - 6 Month Payment Plan

Mastering Your Divine DNA Destiny Code Archetype’s Ancestral Powers Masterclass - 6 Month Payment Plan
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Your Divine DNA Destiny Code Ancestral Powers are encoded into the very DNA of every single fucking cell of Your Body. So are the Negative Ancestral Stories that you inherited around Money, Relationships, & Health that are holding you back from Living Your Dreams.

If you’re having a hard time manifesting the shit that you want, You either have not flipped the genetic switch to turn on those Ancestral Powers, so that you can tap into Yours, and Annihilate the Negative Stories of Your Ancestral Line within You that is holding you back from Living a Fucking KickAss Life, or you have unknowingly flipped the switch to turn them on, and now the shadow side of those powers are zipping around your life fucking shit up because you haven’t trained them, haven’t given them direction, because you don’t know how to work with them, because you didn’t even know they existed until now.

The DNA encoding in your present lifetime is so deep and powerful within you, and is just waiting for you to take the reins to manifest that which you desire to experience in all areas of your life.

Once you take control of Your Ancestral Powers, life becomes so much fucking easier, and the more you work with them, the better life gets, and the miraculous becomes possible.

When you don’t understand & work with your Divine DNA Destiny Code Archetype, you absolutely will experience the negative side of your individual Archetype. The longer you go without embracing yours, the more likely you are to find yourself lost in a negative spiral repeatedly manifesting the SuckAss Shit you don’t want in your life again, and again, and again. 

So, I’ve created a new Masterclass for you called Mastering Your Divine DNA Destiny Code Archetype’s Ancestral Powers. This is a masterclass on the 10 Divine Archetypes, which one You hold within You, & how to Master Your Ancestral Powers for Manifesting Your Dream Life. 

Y’all, If you’re only taking one Masterclass from me this year, make it this one, it is that important.

In this masterclass I’m going to give you the lowdown on the 10 Divine Archetypes, their powers and the specific shit that you'll experience in your life if you’ve flipped that genetic switch and leave them untrained.

Here’s just a smidge about each of them. Feel free to let me know in the comments which one you think is yours and which one you hope is yours.

  • The Paladin aka the Miracle Worker, Leader, & Protector
  • The Tribe Architect aka the Joy Bringer, Harmonizer, & Communication Master
  • The Earth Mother aka the Divine Wealth Architect, Nurturer, &  Guardian of the Earth
  • The Phoenix aka the Spell Weaver, Word Master, & Wish Bringer
  • The Advocate aka the Guardian of the oppressed, justice bringer, & Energy Master
  • The Time Keeper aka the Guardian of Ancestors, Genetic Lineage, & Past Lives
  • The Moon Mistress aka the Master of Knowledge, Creatrix, & Wisdom Guide
  • The Magician aka the Mesmerizer, Magick Wielder, & Mind Reader
  • The Seer aka the Vision Wielder, Fame Bearer, Designer of the Future
  • The Environmental Sovereign aka the Weather Mage, Intuitive, & Occultist

  • As part of this masterclass, I’m going to do your Divine Archetype Reading and tell you:
      • Which Divine Archetype You Hold Within You for this Lifetime
      • What Your Connection Level Currently Is to Yours
      • What Your Sacred Power Sector is in Your Home, Room, Office, or any other Space
      • What Your Sacred Power Direction is
  • And I’m also going to teach you the Divine Archetype Ritual for Yours so that you know:
      • What to do
      • What to say
      • Where to do it
      • How to do it
  • In addition, I’m going to create for you A Very Special Necklace Linked to Your Divine Archetype so that you can call upon Your Ancestral Powers with ease at any time. (I just gotta say, I am so fucking excited about creating these for y’all!)

  • I wanted to create something that is quick, easy, but extremely powerful for you, so this is a fast masterclass to do and the ritual is simple, but the results of utilizing your Ancestral Powers correctly can be downright miraculous, so If you’re concerned about it being time consuming or hard, don’t be.

    Are you ready to Wield Your Ancestral Powers?

    Early bird pricing is only available through March 31st 2023 or for the first 20 to enroll, and If you’re paying in full, or using Klarna, Shop Pay Payments, or Zip, your gonna get an additional discount of $222 bringing you a total savings of 50% off the regular price of this masterclass. If you wait until April to enroll, the price will go up, and it will go up again to its full regular price on May 1st, 2023, That’s when access to this masterclass starts.

    This listing is for 6 monthly payments which will be billed on the same day each month. You’ll be given access when your 6th payment is complete. 

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    Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ Robin Z