Moving Sale Empowerment Boxes & Rebellious course suite bundle, Woohoo!

Moving Sale Empowerment Boxes & Rebellious course suite bundle, Woohoo!
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Hey y'all, our moving date has been pushed back due to scheduling errors with our movers, so you have a little bit longer to take advantage of this offer.

I only sell stones to my students because I want to make sure that they're going to somone who knows the basics of how to work with them and take care of them. So, I have bundled these together the entry level "Rebellious" course suite. (Course access begins on September 30th on our new school platform.)

So if you buy a $148.50 box, you'll get $100 of goodies and the Rebellious course suite for half price. Everything will be chosen to resonate with your unique energetic signature.

You can choose from

  • Mixed polished and raw
  • All jewelry
  • All pendulums
  • Mixed jewelry & pendulums
  • Smudge (smudge bundles, smudge shells, smudge fans)
  • Suprise Me

Or our themed boxes:

  • Health & Well-being
  • Psychic Development
  • Financial Abundance
  • Angelic Communication
  • Relationships

If you'd like to purchase a higher $$$ value box, just add more than one box to your cart and you'll get the extra $48.50 in stones.

You can go up as high as you would like in value, as I probably still have $30,000 in inventory here to move, (please help me not to have to unpack so much, lol!)

If you want two different types of boxes, please place those in completely separate orders as you'll need to pay shipping for each box.


What is a "Unique Energetic Signature"?

Everyone has a very Unique Energetic Signature

This Energetic Signature is created by all of the Soul Level Keys (the unique energetic combinations that were used to create your very Soul that you will carry with you forever) and the energy of every single choice you make every day.

This Energetic Signature can be detected by the Psychic Clairs. It has a visual, a sound, a smell, a taste, a texture and a feeling. As a professionally trained psychic, I can sense all of those components of your Unique Energetic Signature. My clients call me The Soul Whisperer, Your Soul Speaks & I listen.

My clients also call me The Stone Whisperer because I can sense the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Crystals & Stones. Combining these two abilities together, I am able to easily match up Your Unique Energetic Signature with the Unique Energetic Signature of individual Stones, Crystals & Jewelry pieces that you need to work with in your life right now.



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