Robin Zendayah Environmental Alchemy Pillow Case -  Raven Heart

Robin Zendayah Environmental Alchemy Pillow Case - Raven Heart
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Our pillow cases are available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch but also durable, or canvas, to give a modern look to your artwork. The pillows have a YKK zipper closure, and can withstand heavy use. Ships as pillow case only.

When a Raven totem has flown into your life, it signifies that magic is at play. Raven ignites the energies of magic allowing it to become one with our intentions and will. Great changes can be achieved at this time and dreams can become a reality. The Raven will show you how to walk into the dark corners of your inner conflicts buried deep within, opening the doors to the deepest power of healing to be within our grasp. The raven animal totem is sometimes called the “Keeper of Secrets” and like all birds is a messenger between the heavens and the earth. The raven encourages us to dive deeper and to look within to seek the answers to put in motion the much-needed change. Often times these messages may be difficult, but soaring over hurdles and obstacles is how we grow most. Here are a few common meanings for this power animal.

rebirth and renewal
rebirth without fear
being able to tear down and rebuild
master magician
shape shifter
transformation of difficulties into blessings
being able to find light within the darkness
Courage for self-reflection
Being comfortable with yourself
Connecting with the crone
Playful aspects
Stir life without fear
Honoring ancestors
Change in consciousness
New occurrences
Power of thought