Robin Zendayah Environmental Alchemy Pillow Case -  Selenite & Black Tourmaline

    Robin Zendayah Environmental Alchemy Pillow Case - Selenite & Black Tourmaline
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    Our pillow cases are available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch but also durable, or canvas, to give a modern look to your artwork. The pillows have a YKK zipper closure, and can withstand heavy use. Ships as pillow case only.

    Moroccan White Selenite 
    Soul Keys: All  
    Energy Keys: All  
    Manifestation Keys: All  
    Chakras: Crown & High Crown  
    Element: Air  
    Energy: Receptive  
    Planet: Moon  
    Number: 8 


    Selenite is a Core Universal Master Stone of the Auric Field, Crown Chakra and High Crown Chakra. 

    For healers, selenite wands can be used to scan the body, cleanse the auric field, close holes in the auric field, as well as seal the energy of the work done after a session. Adding other stones to a selenite wand tremendously magnifies their energies, as well as blends them to work as a harmonious whole. Wands should be at least 8 inches for this. 
    Combine with smoky quartz and citrine scepters to burn off karmic debris in the auric field. 
    Body Alchemy: 
    Issues related to the head, brain, central nervous system, hair & scalp. 
    Confusion, clarity, alertness, & peace. 
    Stabilizing and calming the emotional body. Uncovering the underlying emotion of an issue. 
    Soul Alchemy: 
    Selenite can raise your vibrational frequency high enough to be able to communicate with your spirit guides & angels. Purification, protection, communication, spirit guides, angels, & Soul Level personal power.

    Environmental Alchemy: 
    Use selenite by placing it on your desk, your nightstand, near exterior doors and windows, or to grid a space, larger pieces in the 4 corners of your space, as well as the center for auric field protection, peace, block outside influences and bring angelic guidance.

    Selenite tremendously magnifies other stone’s energies and can be used to “blend” stone energies into a harmonious whole. 

    Selenite is a marvelous stone that clears old programming, negative energy, & energetic debris, and charges other crystals & stones, objects, your auric field, your space with high frequency energy. 

    Place your stones and crystals on or near selenite after cleansing with organic white sage to clear old programming and charge them with pure high frequency energy.

    Selenite is self-cleansing & self-charging; it only needs it’s D.O.R. (dominant oscillatory rate) occasionally corrected with properly made 7 metal tingshas. 

    Selenite is found in several locations in the world; however, I only recommend Moroccan selenite. 

    Selenite is one of only two stones that do not ever need cleansing, despite popular misinformation on this topic. In fact, it also does not need clearing or charging. It simply needs to have its dominant oscillatory rate reset occasionally. 



     “Black Tourmaline

    “Stone of Protection”
    Chakra(s): Core Master Universal stone for the Earth Star chakra and Auric Field
    Energy Vibration: 3 & 4
    Zodiac: Sagittarius/Capricorn
    Birthstone: October
    Planet: Earth
    This is a very powerful Core Universal Master stone that protects against negativity of all kinds. It sucks up any negativity it encounters. However, it does not absorb negative energy. It actually transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and returns it to where it came from, even if the source of negativity is your own thoughts, words and deeds. This makes it an excellent stone for any issue, whether it be body, soul, environmental or business related.

    It also taps into the extremely powerful protection energy of Mother Earth.

    Use in physical manifestation grids to ensure that what you’re asking for only comes from positive sources.

    It is also a Core Universal Master Auric Field stone

    Core Universal Master Stone for Psychic Reader’s Sets

    Core Universal Master Stone of Psychic Development

    Core Universal Master Stone of Protection

    You can never have too much Black Tourmaline in your space. Black Tourmaline is one of only two stones that do not ever need cleansing, despite all of the misinformation out there about this topic.