Robin Zendayah Zippered Pouch - Chalcopyrite 1
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    We may call them pencil cases, but these lined zippered pouches can be used for your make-up, your craft supplies, or even as a clutch for a night out!

    • Shell made from 100% polyester twill, lining made from 100% polyester canvas
    • Vivid print that will never fade
    • Black side tab can be attached to a key ring
    • Measures approximately 9” x 4”, fabric is hand cut and sewn, some size variation is normal
    • YKK zipper manufactured in Montreal
    • Each pencil case is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada
    • Handwash your pencil case in cold water with phosphate free detergent, or spot clean, print can be scrubbed and washed with soap, do not bleach


    Pronunciation: kal-co-pie-right
    “The Tonic Stone”

    • Chakra:High Crown, but can be other’s as well, depending on color
    • Energy:
    • Element:
    • Number:9
    • Planet:
    • Zodiac: Capricorn

    Body Alchemy


    Lungs, throat, energy, vitality, energetic blockages, life force energy, cellular issues, balanced energy flow, infections, healing, asthma
    DNA Repair, repairs Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), bladder, brain, heart, gums, nerve balance, ovaries, prostate, respiratory system, spine & spinal cord inflammation, metabolic Imbalances, thymus, bronchitis, and weight Loss.

    Supports regenerative processes and soothes the symptoms of old injuries.


    Confusion, disorientation, stress, heightened perception, meditation, creative ideas, self-esteem, anxiety and personality development.


    Stabilizing, grounding, cleansing

    Environmental Alchemy

    Helps locate “lost” objects

    Soul Alchemy

    Keywords: Temperance, fires of truth, universal knowledge, other planes, past lives, sacred knowledge, Universal Truth, Universal Laws, Power.