Self-Love Sets for Honoring Your Soul’s Heart

Self-Love Sets for Honoring Your Soul’s Heart
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Self-Love Sets for Honoring Your Soul’s Heart
I’ve created this meditation set to help guide you in the ultimate act of self-love, honoring your Soul’s Heart.

Your set includes:
Picasso Jasper - to give you the strength, self-discipline and inner vision to set healthy energetic boundaries so that you can break negative repeating patterns in relationships to take back your personal power and set in motion the transformations you want to experience in your life.

Fancy Jasper – to keep you calm, focused and tranquil so that you can translate your ideas into inspired action, releasing fear, guilt and sadness with confidence and courage, allowing you to be fully present in this lifetime while joyfully accessing your Soul Level Gifts

Snowflake Obsidian – to bring you the serenity, awareness, and ease of self-expression that comes with balancing your masculine & feminine energies, while helping you to identify and break negative repeating patterns.

Labradorite – to access past life memories for clarity, illumination and insight to determine the root cause of negative repeating patterns, while calming your fears and insecurities so that you can see the truth behind your often-self-created illusions with strength, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

Green Aventurine – to remind you to keep gratitude at the forefront while you experience the journey of transformation, bringing peace, calm, harmony and emotional balance.

Dalmatian Jasper – to help you to see your strengths and weaknesses, removing disillusionment, bringing truth and balance, annihilating negative thought patterns.

Shungite – to help you to understand and accept change, while remaining centered and focused with gratitude, creating a protective shield from the influence of external sources of negative/harmful energies, allowing you to honor who you are at Soul Level, accessing your Karmic Gifts and Grace with ease.

They’re resting on a bed of Black Tourmaline chip stones and White Moroccan Selenite slivers to help keep the energy around them pure. Their bespoke container is a red glass dish to bring in the color ray of Passion your Self-Love acts. It is in the form of a heart to remind you to always honor your Soul’s Heart with every Choice you make and Action you take.

You’ll receive everything you see here plus a 15 page printout that includes the information I just gave you, how to work with your set including setting the stage, an ordering exercise and meditation, plus full properties of all of the hearts in your set.

Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ RZ