SM Enrollment - Divine Feminine Alchemist Rising 1st & 2nd Degree 1 year Initiation Immersion
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1 Year Divine Feminine Alchemist Rising 1st & 2nd Degree Initiation Immersion 

Embodied Soul Alchemy  Reference Library     Value $2,222 

  • Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy reference material with Hub Access (video, text, downloadable audio) $1,111 Value
  • Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain reference material, downloadable ebook, and bonus content with access to our ever growing Innate Energies of Crystals & Stones Library  $1,111 Value 

Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Level One Course  $39,000 Value

1st Degree Divine Feminine Alchemist Rising: Foundation Rituals - Moving beyond Mastering the Basics to Foundational Tools, Techniques, & Timing for Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Foundation.

 Module 1: 

  • Receive your Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature and understand the secrets it holds.
  • Tap into your Energetic Flow Code, understand what it means and how to work with it for ease and flow in your life.
  • Getting in the flow of divine timing to give your manifestation a high octane boost.
  • The lowdown on sigils for Elemental, lunar, solar and cosmic energetic oomph.


Module 2: 

  • The 3 chakras of Psychic Development and how they work together for intuitive, psychic and mediumship messages.
  • Craft the most powerful written and spoken Intentions & Affirmations so that you are not fucking yourself from the get-go with them and the Core Universal Master Stones that will support you.
  • Prepping for your Energetic Sanctuary to support, nurture and uplift you as you transform your life.
  • Getting rid of the Nasties in your Auric Field and juicing it up with High Frequency Energy with these C.U.M.S. baby!

Module 3:

  • Establishing & Building Your Relationship with Your Stones for deeper healing, insight, and self-mastery.
  • The first 4 Core Universal Master Stones of Psychic Development and why you should work with them.
  • Attitude of Gratitude for manifesting your dream life and the C.U.M.S. that support you in this.
  • Getting the nasties out of your space through cleansing, clearing, charging with high frequency energy, and correcting the dominant oscillatory rate to make space for your empowerment & transformation.
  • The first and most important step to caring for your 9 Master chakras that no one told you about, until now and the C.U.M.S. to do that with.

Module 4:

  • Psychic protection & grounding to up-level your downloads and the Core Universal Master Stones that support you in this.
  • Kick negative thoughts to the curb as you ascend the Pyramid of Power and the C.U.M.S. to help you.
  • Keep the nasties out of your space with these C.U.M.S. and invoke financial abundance too!
  • Ground the bad shit while drawing up the good Earth shitz with these two powerful C.U.M.S.!

Module 5:

  • Partnering with Stone Guides for healing & guidance.
  • The secret to the Law of Attraction that no-one tells and why it is the uber key to manifesting.
  • Karma doesn’t work the way you think it does, here’s how it really works.
  • The energy entry points of your space and how to protect them with these Core Universal Master Stones.
  • Find and connect with your center for bliss anytime you want it with these 2 potent C.U.M.S.

Module 6:

  • Activating and strengthening your Psychic Ear and the Core Universal Master Stones of the clair that governs it.
  • Check your energy before it checks you and how to quit doing things with shitty energy that will come back to haunt you sooner and later.
  • On the go protection, planes, cars, boats and temporary abodes, oh my!
  • Powerful shielding for your Master Energetic System with this C.U.M.S. duo.

Module 7:

  • The clair of psychic visions: how to activate and strengthen it and its Core Universal Master Stones.
  • Transmuting negative repeating patterns to positive and the C.U.M.S to help you do that.
  • Shungite in your space for healing, protection from EMF’s and purification.
  • Potent ground, center & shield combo crystal & stone body layout with these C.U.M.S. for the win!

2nd Degree Divine Feminine Alchemist Rising: Empowerment Rituals - Moving beyond Mastering the Foundational Rituals to Empowerment Tools, Techniques, & Timing for Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Empowerment.

Module 8:

    • Activate and strengthen this psychic muscle to easily “just know shit” and the Core Universal Master Stones to support this.
    • Know Thyself: The Energetic Keys Souls are made of, what they mean, and how to honor yours with every choice you make.
  • And learn about:
        • Blocks to Truth
        •  Are You Mono-Souled, or Soul Shifting?
        • Your Master Soul Key
        • Soul Overlays/Underlays
        • Your Core Energy Keys
        • Your Number of Core Spirit Guides
        • The Gender Your Soul Identifies As
        • Divine Gifts
        • Soul Vibration Rate
        • Spheres of Protection
        • Periods in History That are a positive influence in this lifetime.
        • Mystery School Involvement from past lives that are a positive influence in this lifetime.
        • Divine spark Connections
        • Which of the Eight Energy Keys are your Power Keys to manifesting
      • Gridding your space healing, protection, and financial abundance.
  • The Earth Star chakra, what it governs and how to heal and empower it with these C.U.M.S. so that you can:
  • Invoke:
        • Speeding up healing process
        • Reducing tiredness and stress
        • Healing insomnia
        • Connecting to inner peace
        • Seeing the wider perspective of all situations
        • Having peace of mind
        • Feeling secure
        • Feeling grounded and protected
        • Healing etherically
        • Bringing you closer to the sacred energy of Mother Earth
        • Establishing your Divine connection with Mother Gaia
  • Release:
      • Remove blockages related to manifestation
      • negative, stagnant, harmful and excess energies
      • psychic attacks, and nightmares

    Module 9:

      • What it means if you “physically” feel others ailments & injuries, the clair that controls this ability and its Core Universal Master Stones.
      • Soul Specializations: what they are and which are yours for all eternity, fuck yeah!
      • Your Connection to Your Higher Self: find out how well you are connected consciously and subconsciously.
      • The polarities of your Primary Life Theme and choosing the right polarity to manifest that which you desire to experience in your life.
      • C.U.M.S. under your bed for Auric Field protection while you sleep?  Hell Yeah! 
  • The Root chakra, what it governs and how to heal and empower it with these C.U.M.S. so that you can:
  • Invoke:
        • achievements in the material world
        • Permanence
        • strength of character
        • Patience
        • Endurance
        • safety
  • Invoke Feeling:
        • healthy
        • Alive
        • Free
        • Optimistic
        • Happy
        • Steady
        • full of vitality
  • Release:
      • Selfishness
      • Greed
      • an overpowering manner
      • Irritation
      • Aggression
      • Sadism
      • Anxiety
      • lack of confidence
      • lack of ability to complete things
      • Feeling unloved
      • Masochistic nature

    Module 10:

      • Psychic Touch, what it is, the clair that governs it, how to get in touch with yours and its Core Universal Master Stones.
      • Discover your Soul Stories of who, what, where & why of your Original Choices that created the negative repeating patterns from your past lives that are still impacting you right now and and energetically clear those bitches with this ritual.
  • You’ll learn about:
        • Negative Guides
        • Soul Shells
        • Light Power Imaging
        • Soul Shifting
        • Vows
        • Golden Web Tears and Scars
        • Open Portalways, to negative astrals, past lives, other races of beings, Parallel lifetimes.
        • Godspark damage and secondary Godsparks
        • Soul Facet Loss or Gain
        • Negative Astrals Travel
        • Negative Energy Influence
        • Unjustified Negative Karma
        • Past Life Contracts
        • Soul Mates
        • Compassionate Connections
        • Negative Thought Forms
        • Anger Spears
        • Soul Memory Issues
        • Entities
        • Pacts
        • Bindings
        • Curses
        • Spells
        • Attaching Entities
        • Etheric Implants
        • We will also discuss physical implants, Earth bound souls, ghosts, and poltergeists, if there are any affecting you at this time.
      • How to create a Master Manifestation Grid for Any Intention with these C.U.M.S.
      • Energetic hygiene for your nine Master Chakras with these C.U.M.S under your bed so that you can continue to clear negative, harmful and stagnant energies from your 9 Master Chakras while you sleep.
      • The Sacral Chakra: what it governs and how to correct and maintain it with these C.U.M.S. for mastering your emotions, boundless creativity, sparking your manifestation diva so that you can:
  • Invoke Feeling:
        • Healthy
        • Open
        • Friendly
        • Imaginative
        • Tolerant
        • patient
  • Invoke Being:
        • Intuitive
        • in a good frame of mind
        • Energetic
        • Successful
        • Focused
  • Release:
      • Self-centeredness
      • Extreme ambitiousness
      • Jealousy
      • Distrusting nature
      • Cold nature
      • Shyness
      • Hyper-sensitivity
      • Distrustfulness
      • Confusion
      • Uncertainty
      • aimlessness

    Module 11: 

      • The Psychic Tongue: activate and strengthen your psychic tastebuds to receive tasty psychic messages and Core Universal Master Stones that support this.
      • Invoke and honor your unique “unfuckable with” boundaries to fix your suck-ass Relationship Karma and become a magnet for beautiful relationships.
      • Gridding your home for amazing relationships.
      • The Solar Plexus chakra, the seat of the soul: what it governs and how to correct and maintain it with these C.U.M.S. so that you can:
      • Invoke:
        • Confidence
        • Willpower
        • Picking up vibrations and essences from people, places and things
        • Personal power
        • Energy
        • Self-control
        • Accomplishing that which we desire
        • Relaxation
        • Enjoying our accomplishments
        • Successfully wield our own power and will
        • Attracting prosperity
        • Balance
        • Feeling safe and secure
        • Disciplined
        • Organized
        • Handle change
        • Concentration
  • Release:
        • Emotional issues and issues of self-acceptance
        • Poor self-esteem and poor self confidence
        • Codependency & lack of independence
        • Not standing up for yourself
        • Having a hard time saying ‘no’
        • Not speaking and living your truth
        • Difficulty knowing what is right for you
        • Lack of stamina and endurance
  • Being easily influenced
      • Feeling confined/controlled and out of sync
      • Being unsure of who you really are
      • thinking you are better than others
      • Difficulty concentrating and focusing
      • Poor ability to make decisions and judge situations
      • Sensitivity to criticism
      • Controlling nature
    • Bonus: How to create a Master Relationship Grid for any relationship intention with these C.U.M.S.

    Module 12:

      • Being an Empath is not a badge of honor; the most misunderstood psychic clair, what is causing the misery and how to fix it.
      • Suck-ass Money Karma and how to fix it.
      • How to create a Master Financial Abundance grid for any money intention with these Core Universal Master Stones.
      • Gridding your home for financial abundance.
  • The physical aspects of the Heart chakra, what it governs and how to correct and maintain it with these that you can:
  • Invoke:
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Balance
  • Ease
  • Release:
  • Physical issues related to the chest, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and joints.
  • Addictions: Smoking, Sugar, Love, Marijuana
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Repressing things that need to be Addressed

  • Module 13:

    • The Psychic Nose, what it is, the clair that governs it, how to get in touch with yours and its Core Universal Master Stones.
    • Suck-ass Health & Well-being Karma and how to fix it so that you can experience excellent health & well-being.
    • The energetic source of physical, mental, & emotional issues within your body and how to fix it.
    • How to create a Master Financial Abundance grid for any money intention with these Core Universal Master Stones.
    • Whole house gridding to support your health & well-being.
    • Meet and communicate with your Body Deva for guidance on all things related to your physical body and the C.U.M.S. to support that.

    13 Crystal & Stone Empowerment Boxes TOTAL VALUE: $8,400

    • Everything you need to complete the curriculum with every piece hand-picked by me personally to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature, with a new box arriving approximately every 4 weeks.

    1 Year Divine Feminine Rising Group Experience Access TOTAL VALUE: $15,000

    • 12 Live Group Invoking Rituals $1,800
    • 12 Live Group Banishing Rituals $1,800
    • 12 x 1 hour Live Soul Alchemy Neuro Manifestation Mastery practice zoom call  $3,300 Value
    • 12 x 1 hour Live Psychic Development practice exercises group zoom call  $3,300 Value
    • 48 x StoneWork Empowerment Worksheets $4,800 Value
    • A supportive, uplifting tribe of like-minded souls to learn, share and grow with Priceless!

    Services to support you and accelerate your transformation:

    Coaching Calls Total Value $6,050

    •       11 x 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls for implementation of:
    • Crafting Your Intentions 
    • Environmental Alchemy Reading & Clearing
    • 3 x Energy of Your Choices
    • Soul Alchemy Part One Reading
    • Soul Alchemy Part Two Reading
    • Soul Alchemy Part Three Reading
    • Soul Alchemy Relationships Curriculum
    • Soul Alchemy Financial Abundance Curriculum 
    • Soul Alchemy Health & Well-being Curriculum 

    Readings Total Value $17,946

      • 1 x Present Lifetime Unique Energetic Signature Reading: The 5 elemental components of yours and what they mean. $997 Value
      • 1 x Energetic Signature Cycles Reading: the specific 13 day cycle you are born under and what that means for you. $997 Value
  • 1 x Environmental Alchemy Property Reading & Clearing  $2,991 Value 
  • 3 x Soul Alchemy Level Two Readings  $9,970 Value


    Bonus Attunement & Activation Meditations Total Value $20,500

    Divine Flow Attunements & Activations

    • Unique Energetic Signature $500 Value
    • Flow Code $500 Value
    • Lunar Energy $500 Value
    • Connection to Solar Energy $500 Value
    • Elemental Earth $500 Value
    • Elemental Air $500 Value
    • Elemental Fire $500 Value
    • Elemental Water $500 Value
    • Elemental Spirit $500 Value

    Psychic Development Attunements & Activations

    • Clairaudience  $500 Value
    • Clairscent $500 Value
    • Clairgustance $500 Value
    • Clairempathy $500 Value
    • Clairvoyance $500 Value
    • Clairtangency $500 Value
    • Claircognizance $500 Value
    • Clairsentience $500 Value

    StoneWork Guided Meditations

    • Auric Field 4C $500 Value
    • Chakra Cleansing $500 Value
    • Grounding $500 Value
    • Centering $500 Value
    • Shielding $500 Value
    • Combined GCS body layout $500 Value
    • Earth Star Chakra $500 Value
    • Root Chakra $500 Value
    • Sacral Chakra $500 Value
    • Solar Plexus Chakra $500 Value
    • Physical Aspects of the Heart Chakra  $500 Value
    • Body Deva Communication $500 Value

    Soul Alchemy

  • Attunements & Activations
        • Frequency of Gratitude  $500 Value
        • Akashic Records Clearing $500 Value
        • Master Soul Key $500 Value
        • Master Energy Keys $500 Value
        • Life Theme Polarity of Choice $500 Value
        • Karmic Grace  $500 Value
        • Healthy Energetic Boundaries $500 Value
        • Financial Abundance $500 Value
        • Excellent health & Well-being $500 Value
        • Soul Level Gifts $500 Value
  • Guided Meditations
      • Releasing that which No Longer Serves $500 Value
      • Releasing Anxiety & Stress $500 Value



    EBSA Year One Course: $39,000 Value

    Empowerment Boxes:     $ 8,400 Value

    DFSRE Group Access:    $15,000 Value

    Services:                           $21,005 Value

    Bonuses:                          $20.500 Value

    TOTAL VALUE $103,995


    NON STUDENT Investment: $44,000 (save 54%)

    -$14,000 Scholarship




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    -$4,000 fast action bonus – First payment within 7 days of our call .  $24,000

    • $24,000 Payment Plans if paying DOWN PAYMENT TODAY:
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    Enrollment is non-refundable for any reason. Failure to make payments will result in access to all parts of this program being suspended until all due and past due payments have been made, at which time access will be reinstated.

    Access to the program begins in January 2022 and lasts for 52 weeks.