Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite Cuff Bracelet #2 SSRC2
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Pictures are of the same bracelet.

Cuff bracelets that consist of more than one piece, AKA have stones in them, should only be adjusted by manipulating the ends of the cuff, not by squeezing it together or pinching it from top to bottom, etc because you will either loosen the mounts that hold the stones in or if it's a larger piece welded on the top you will run the risk of breaking the welds.

We are not responsible if you damage your cuff adjusting it.

"Stone of Love & Balance"

Chakra: Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Number: 4
Planet: Mars & Jupiter
Zodiac: Scorpio & Leo

Core Universal Master Stone of the Spiritual Aspects of the Heart Chakra

Body Alchemy:
Blood pressure stabilization, blood, circulatory system, infections, inflammation, detoxification of the blood and liver, and skin disorders.
Clarity, practicality, relaxation, destressing. self-esteem, acceptance, understanding, harmony, kindness, tolerance, confidence, assertiveness, denial and addictions related to the heart chakra.
Self-love and all other types of love, healing emotional trauma, and expressing emotions.

Soul Alchemy:
Living your spiritual beliefs, connecting with your higher self (Soul Deva), opening and enhancing your spiritual awareness, and accessing Soul Level Gifts.

Environmental Alchemy:
Invoke the innate energies of this stone with environmental sized pieces in any space.


Sterling Silver
Chakras: Sacral & Third Eye Chakra
Direction: West
Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Zodiac: Aquarius & Cancer

Body Alchemy:
General healing of Sacral Chakra issues.
Improves quality of speech, eloquence & strength of perception.
Calm & balance

Soul Alchemy:
Attunement with Universal Flow, Soul Level exploration and knowledge, awakens and increases psychic and intuitive capacities, strengthens the connection between physical and astral bodies, increases one’s ability to manipulate and shape energies, and manifestation of wealth and financial abundance.

Environmental Alchemy:
Amplifies the innate energies of all Water Element Stones.