Tektite Cosmic Guide Bracelets

Tektite Cosmic Guide Bracelets
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This listing is for a single bracelet linked to a single guide type of your choice. Click on the drop down menu to choose yours.

Tektite Cosmic Guide Bracelets
Our Tektite bracelets are connected to Cosmic Guides. Take a look at each type’s specialties below, as well as the innate energies of tektites, and choose yours from the drop-down menu. They’re all open linking, so simply choose by attributes or which type is calling to you.

Having a hard time choosing? You can choose as many types as you’d like, as they’ll work harmoniously together. Once you get them and begin working with them, they will reveal their name to you.

Empowered Blessings Y’all ~ RZ

Pleiadean Guides – Accepting & Creating Change, Inspiring Others, Seeing the Big Picture & Powerful Communication

Pleiadeans are natural change agents. They are very active as visionaries, teachers and they are powerful communicators. They tend to be highly verbal people!

Their motto is “just do it!” Pleiadeans are unafraid of change. In fact, they like to jump in with both feet, and FAST.

Pleiadeans have great vision and are “big picture” people.

Pleiadeans love to communicate. Because they inspire others with their big vision, they excel at creating and leading a community. They are great motivational speakers and writers. Pleiadeans are charismatic and charming and thrive in the spotlight.

Sirian Guides – Creativity through Innovation

Sirians are very invested in improving things! If they had a slogan, it would be “let’s find a better way!” Their creativity is inspired by existing structures and systems. In other words, they are not the Souls that invent the wheel - they are the ones that make a wheel rounder, faster, and more efficient with their creativity. Their creativity is inspired by improving what already exists or assembling what exists in a new way.

Sirians are highly organized. They love systems, methodologies, processes. They like to help you plan, write lists, have detailed calendars, mind map systems, and spreadsheets.

Sirians are highly goal-oriented guides that can help you plan out all their steps to success with a high level of organization and motivation.

Spican Guides – Connecting with Nature

Spicans love to spend time alone, and in nature and can help you to find the alone time you need and foster a deep connection with nature.

Spicans are very expansive, non-judgmental people that take a stance of neutrality towards the choices of others. They are often dreamers and visionaries and have a live-and-let-live outlook on life. They are loving and warm-hearted and can help you with issues related to those qualities.

They hold a very energetic clear space for others, so that we can see ourselves very clearly in their vibrational space.

Vegan Guides – Finding Joy & Laughter

Vegans are bright, shining lights that thrive on attention. They are fun and bring much laughter to the world. Vegans love to stand in the limelight and are natural-born entertainers who bring joy to the planet via their vivacious and lovable personalities.

Vegans need to be on stage, to be the center of attention and perform. If you have any issues related to these qualities, they can help, and if you share their qualities, they can make wonderful companions for you.


“The Shaman’s Stone”
Chakra: Earth Star, Third Eye, Crown & High Crown
Element: All
Energy: Both Projective and Receptive
Number Vibration: 9
Planet: All
Zodiac: All

Body Alchemy:
Fertility, strength, stamina, endurance, feeling comfortable in your body, fevers, accelerated healing from illness and injury, & healthy circulation.
Balance, growth, and discernment.
Balance and growth.

Soul Alchemy:
Astral travel, interdimensional communication, receiving wisdom from other planes of existence, and dimensions, meditation, telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, intuition, psychic visions, spiritual growth, balancing masculine and feminine qualities, living your purpose, empowerment, and increased synchronicities.

Environmental Alchemy:
Environmental sized pieces, (2+ inches), can be utilized to invoke this stone’s innate energies in a space.

Works well with Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Chalcedony, Opal, and Petrified Wood.