The Keys to Faery Handfasting Wedding Set
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Ritual Wear Jewelry is something more

All of the stone jewelry that I bring you is highly energetically active, but the items you will find in this collection is something more. It has that special energetic ooomph that takes it to the next level, takes you to the next level in your Energy Work.

If you're ready for Ritual Wear, enjoy exploring the options below to find what makes your Soul sing.

Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ RZ


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The Keys to Faery Handfasting/Wedding Set

Necklace (adjustable length to suit your neckline)
Earrings (sterling silver ear wires)

Are you ready to unlock the magick of Faery for your special day? Faeries love sparkly treasures and keys, and this set is sure to attract a whole host to your handfasting or wedding ceremony. If your really lucky, one or two might just decide to stay with you and your beloved.

It's possible that they might even let you visit their realm, just remember that time passes much more quickly there than here, and don't eat or drink anything, or you won't be able to return to this realm.

This set was created with a myriad of vintage silver tone findings. A very heavy chain, irridescent carnival glass faceted beads, a large key focal, irridescent clear glass faceted beads, faery bells and adorable little key rings, (the only new component on this set other than the headpins and jumprings), with 3 skeleton keys on this. It took me 15 years of collecting to amass the findings for this set and many hours to create it.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This set covers 3 out of the 4. Now, you just need to borrow a trinket to complete this.

This is a statement piece that you can bring out every year to wear on your anniversary and relive the wonderful memories of your special day!

This set is absolutely stunning, pics don't do it justice