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Are you ready to Rise Up into Your Personal Power and Create Your Life by Your Design?

Embodied Soul Alchemy is an efficient, powerful System of Body, Mind, & Spirit Wholeness in which you will learn how to execute and put into practice Ancient Atlantean & Lemurian Hybrid Elemental Magick Energy Techniques & Tools delivered in an efficient system and modern format. Armed with those, you will take back Your Personal Power and manifest the life you desire through the 4 Pillars of Embodied Soul Alchemy.

Soul Alchemy is Knowing and honoring who you uniquely are at Soul Level, your True Self, and utilizing Universal Laws & Universal Truths through:

Remembering who You are energetically at Soul Level: Your Soul Keys, Energy Keys, Manifesting Keys, Karmic Gifts, Chosen Life Themes and Your Soul's Vibrational Level.  

Understanding how Reincarnation, Karmic Debt, Karmic Grace, and Manifestation really work.

Understand what Universal Laws and Universal Truths are so that you can utilize them to Manifest the life that you desire.

Learning what choices you made in past lives that you are living the consequences of now, how to break those Negative Repeating Patterns, create Positive Repeating Patterns and clearing Soul Level energetic issues from Your present and past lives.

Soul Alchemy will move you from wondering:

  • “Why does this keep happening to me?”
  • “Why do I keep doing that?”
  • “Why am I here?”
  • “What is my purpose?”
  • ”Who am I really?”
  • “Where is my life headed?”
  • “When will my life be what I want it to be?”
  • “How did I get in this position?”
  • “How do I reach my goals/live my dreams?”

to understanding exactly why your life is the way it is, who you are energetically at Soul Level, and how to transform your life by making empowered choices that Honor Who You are At Soul Level to create the reality you desire.


Environmental Alchemy is Taking control of the hidden energies of your space to create a Sacred Sanctuary that supports, nurtures, uplifts and empowers you on all levels through:

  • Understanding what affects the energy of a space negatively.

How to correct the energy of a space with Stones, Crystals, Incense, Oils, Resins, Woods, Metals, Color and other Sacred Energy Tools.

  • How to cleanse harmful energy, clear negative energetic debris, charge with high frequency energy and correct the dominant oscillatory rate of any space.
  • How to correct vibrational misalignments between your space and you.
  • How to clear harmful residual energies from physical, mental, & emotional trauma.
  • How to clear harmful residual energies from past occupants, & events.
  • How to clear harmful energy from present occupants and visitors.
  • How to protect your space from harmful bleedover energy from neighboring properties, nearby public, commercial or industrial places.
  • How to protect your space from EMF's, underground water, geopathic stress and natural energies from the land you are on that are not in vibrational resonance with you.
  • How to protect yourself while traveling.
  • How to protect, heal, and manifest what you desire while you sleep.
  • Invoking the specific energies you need in you space as a whole.
  • Invoking the specific energies you need in each room in your space.

Environmental Alchemy moves you from being in the dark about the hidden energies in your space, what affects the energy of your space and how to correct it, and feeling stressed out, uncomfortable or unsafe, to understanding the unique energetic situation in your space and how to correct and control of the energy in any space, to transform it into a Sacred Sanctuary that Supports and Nurtures You, Uplifts Your Vibrational Energetic Frequency, to Empower you to take your personal power back and Transform your life, so that you can reach your goals and live your dreams.


Body Alchemy is Transforming your Master Energetic System within your physical body from a hot mess to a fine-tuned power house vehicle for your Soul through:

Learning what the Master Energetic System is and does.

Learning how to correct, maintain and empower the Core Master Energetic System of Your Body, the vessel for Your Soul.

Learning what each of your 9 Core Master Chakras do and what areas of your life they govern physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learning what your Auric Field is and does and how to correct, repair, maintain and empower it.

Addressing the Body Level energy issues (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual).

Learning how to ground, center, and shield your Master Energetic System.

Learning what your Body Deva is and how to connect and receive guidance from your Body Deva.

Learning what your Soul Deva is and how to connect and receive guidance from your Soul Deva.

Learning how to take your experiences to the next level with Human Crystal Body Gridding.

  • Body Alchemy will teach you an efficient, powerful system of how to correct, maintain and empower your Master Energetic System, step by step, and provide you with Practitioner Level Stones, Crystals & other Energy Tools necessary for this path.

Body Alchemy moves you from a lack of knowledge, confusion, or frustration about how your Core Master Energetic System works, its true Core Universal Master Stones, modern timing and powerful ancient techniques, so that you can confidently correct, maintain and empower your M.E.S. paving the way for optimum physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being


Through Psychic Development you will learn about psychic protection and psychic grounding, the 8 Core Psychic Clairs, how to recognize them within yourself, activate & strengthen them so that you can more easily recognize, read, direct & transform energy, receive psychic information with clarity and trust your intuition.

  • Through Soul Alchemy you will have clarity on who you really are at Soul Level and how to honor that with every choice you make, how to release your negative Karma and embrace your Karmic Grace & Gifts, and how to utilize Universal Laws & Truths, so that you can manifest what you want to experience in your life.
  • Through Environmental Alchemy, you will take control of the energy of your space and create an energetic sanctuary that uplifts, nurtures and supports your empowerment and transformation.
  • Through Body Alchemy, you will transform your Master Energetic System from a hot mess to a fine-tuned powerhouse vessel for your Soul so that you can transform your life physically, mentally, & emotionally.


What You'll Get in the 12 Month Full Package:

Intro Course & Reference Material

  • Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy course with Hub Access (video, text, downloadable audio).
  • Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain reference material, downloadable ebook, and bonus content with access to ever growing Innate Energies of Crystals & Stones Library  


Divine Feminine Sorceress Rising: Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones Experience - Year One

  • 48 Module 12 month course in Psychic Development, Soul Alchemy, Environmental Alchemy and Body Alchemy.


12 Monthly Crystal & Stone Divine Feminine Sorceress Rising Empowerment Boxes

  • Everything you need to complete the curriculum each month hand-picked by me personally to resonate with your Unique Energetic Signature


12 Month’s Divine Feminine Sorceress Rising Group Experience Access

12 x Guided Meditations

A supportive, uplifting tribe of like-minded souls to learn, share and grow with

48 x StoneWork Empowerment Worksheet shares

Feedback to help you reach your dreams


Monthly Live Zoom Calls

  • 12 x 1 hour Live Soul Alchemy Neuro Manifestation Mastery practice zoom call  
  • 12 x 1 hour Live Psychic Development practice exercises group zoom call

Services to support you and accelerate your transformation:

Healing Sessions

  • 52 x Human Crystal Reiki Basic with stones  
  • 52 x HCR Psychic Development with stones

Coaching Calls

  • · 11 x 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with me


  • 1 x Environmental Alchemy Property Reading & Clearing
  • 3 x Soul Alchemy Level Two Readings
  • 3 x Master Energetic System Evaluation Readings


  • Psychic Development Empowerment Attunement Guided Meditation
  • Soul Alchemy Empowerment Attunement Guided Meditation
  • Environmental Alchemy Empowerment Attunement Guided Meditation
  • Body Alchemy Empowerment Attunement Guided Meditation

Take your personal power back, rewrite your destiny and manifest the life you desire utilizing the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones with an Atlantean/Lemurian Hybrid Elemental Magick system of Empowerment & Transformation.

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Benefits of Being on the Waitlist

Waitlist members will have the opportunity to apply for acceptance and enroll 3 days before those who are not on the waitlist, which is important as the number of spots for this program is limited to just 50, so that I can deeply serve those who are committed to taking their personal power back and uplifting the vibrational frequency of the entire planet not only with content, but also services, readings & clearings, attunements and 1-on-1 coaching calls, woohoo!

If your application is accepted, you will also be offered a significant discount during those 3 days only, as a thank you for taking the first step on your empowered path quickly. Payment plans will be available.

Together, We Rise! Empowered Blessings ~ Robin Z.

Not Quite Ready for that,
but Ready to Build Your Foundation working with Crystals & Stones?

Are you frustrated by your lack of success working with the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones?

Are you ready to move you from feeling confused, overwhelmed, or disappointed to feeling confident and empowered with a solid foundation of actionable knowledge, grounded experience in working with the ancient innate energy of Crystals & Stones for joyful relationships, financial abundance, and excellent health & well-being?

Are you ready to learn the foundational keys about working with crystals & stones so that you get started or restarted working with crystals & stones in empowerment and not misinformation?

In the Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones: Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain Membership Experience, you’ll get access to the content below (in video, text, & downloadable audio formats):

Secrets Behind the Crystal Curtain Content where we’ll clear up misinformation on the basics of working with stones so that you can build a solid foundation on which to work from so that you are not sabotaging yourself right from the get-go, dramatically limiting your chance of success in empowering yourself to transform your life with the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones.

  • We’ll cover:
  • Science & History: the science of how stones work and a brief history of their use
  • M.A.P.P. : Questions you need to ask before you purchase a crystal or stone
  • T.O.S.S.: 4 Things you should toss from your practice immediately
  • Master Formations: Identification and what to use them for
  • Shapes & Form: Which one to use for what
  • Pets: Commonly taught dangerous misinformation and what to actually do
  • Secrets Series: Secrets about working with the innate energies of crystals & stones to partner with them for empowerment & transformation.


You’ll also get Access to our 5 Module Course: Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy with Crystals & Stones.

  • We’ll cover:
    • Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian:
  • How to properly care for your crystals, stones, and other sacred energy tools so that they can partner with you to create empowerment and transformation in your life.
    • Intro to Pillar #1: Psychic Development:
  • Which of your psychic clairs are active, which are lying dormant waiting to be awakened and the tools & techniques to strengthen them so that you can enhance your abilities to sense and work with the innate energies of crystals, stones, objects and energies found in the environment around you.
    • Intro to Pillar #2: Soul Alchemy
    • Intro to Pillar #3: Environmental Alchemy
      • The foundation of how to utilize the innate energies of crystals & stones in your space for empowerment & transformation.
      • Intro to Pillar #4: Body Alchemy


  • And More:
  • Access to our ever-growing library on the ancient innate energies of crystals & stones
  • Downloadable & printable stonework worksheets to help you ground what you’re learning into real-world experience
  • Learn, Do, Share & Grow system to master the intro curriculum
  • Spotlight on a different crystal or stone type each month
  • A safe, private community of like-minded souls
  • The opportunity to earn your Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy Certificate and Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Certification.
  • The opportunity to win Robin Zendayah gift cards which can be utilized to purchase anything on the private student offerings website, enroll in masterclasses, or apply to the upper-level immersion programs that you are accepted in, simply by completing StoneWork worksheets to deepen your experience
  • 15% off of Temptation Tuesday Express Yourself empowering adornments for you and your space.


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