*B.A.D.A.S.S.E.R.Y. Stone Posse Membership - Monthly Payments

    *B.A.D.A.S.S.E.R.Y. Stone Posse Membership - Monthly Payments
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    Black Sheep Level:

    Explore the Real Ancient Innate Energies of Crystals & Stones

    You'll get a Video of the Ancient Innate Energies of a new Crystal or Stone type each month with Audio & printable PDF downloads so that you can learn in the way that suits you and your lifestyle the best.

    Activate the Frequencies Of the Crystal or Stone of the Month within You

    Each month, you get a Guided meditation activation for the stone of the month to connect to the Master Frequency of its ancient innate energies deeply so that you can fully benefit from working with that crystal or stone type.

    Stone Exploration Workbook

    1. It is extremely important to establish a baseline of how the innate energies of a stone type affects you physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually, as well as how it affects the energy of your space, and the exercises in the workbook will allow you to do just that. You will also want to periodically re-evaluate this as your energy changes, and this workbook is perfect for that too. 

    2. You'll be grounding what you learn in the courses into real-world experience with a workbook to guide you each month so that the foundational work becomes second nature.

    Plus You Will Get Full Access to the Rebellious 3 Course Bundle

    All In searchable video format with Audio & printable PDF downloads to learn in the way that suits you best on our new school platform.

    In the Communtiy:

    Safe, Supportive Private Facebook Group with like-minded souls to learn, share, & grow & build friendships with, plus:

    Monthly Live Gratitude Giveaway!


    • Members are automatically entered! Winner’s choice of a minimum $222 Crystal & Stone Mystery Box or a gift card to the Member’s Only Offerings Website. The more members = higher $ value!

    Monthly Live Streams

    • Monthly live stream shopping for stone of the month offerings so that you don't have to go hunting for that stone type and worry that your not getting energetically active stones that can actually help you.

    Weekly Co-working Zoom Sessions + Q & A


    • A co-working session is an open zoom room to help you to get your activities completed in a space for focusing. You can also arrange to meet other members there to help each other with accountability.
    • I'll be in the group to answer your questions about what your working on in your workbook, the Crystal/Stone type of the month, or the courses content too. 

    Polls & Prompts

    • To shape the membership, share what you love, your experiences, explore other's experiences, and discover what we have in common besides our love of Crystals & Stones, our desire to have a better life, and our shared desire to make the world a better place for us and future generations.

    Rebel Level

    You get everything in the Black Sheep Level Plus:

    • First dibs on all new Offerings and on specialty Stone Sorceress Offerings. Scheduled monthly lives for the specialty items listed below, in an Exclusive Private Facebook group just for Rebel & BadAss level members! 

    • All Stone Sorceress Ancient Civilization Offerings
      • Atlantean | Lemurian | Egyptian | Sumerian
    • Singularly Linked:
      • Wands & Scepters | Hand-made Smudge Fans
      • Hand-made Rattles | All Elemental Altar Offerings
      • (Plus our Sorceresses' Daughter line, launching soon.)
    • Continuing Education

      • You'll get first dibs and exclusive discounts on enrolling in my Masterclassess, Personal Development & Practitioner Certification Degree Programs! This is very important because spots are always limited and they sell out fast.
    • Live Rebel Tier Monthly Gratitude Giveaway!

      • All Rebel Tier and above members are automatically entered! If you win, you’ll get a gift card to your choice of the Robin Zendayah website or the private Member’s Only Offerings website! $222 minimum giveaway. The more members we have at this level, the higher $ value the giveaway will be!