Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Bowl Sets

    Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Bowl Sets
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    I know that a small percentage of y’all enjoy 4C’ing your stones and other energy tools. Most of you find the necessary care a time consuming pain in the ass.
    Yes, you can certainly keep black tourmaline and Moroccan White Selenite with each piece to do steps 1 – 3 for you, when you keep your pieces double bagged.
    But, I also know that most of you would like to keep your pieces on display, but worry about the energies that they’re picking up when you do, and rightly so.
    Displaying them also means that you have to 4C them more frequently to take proper care of them. For a lot of you, that means that you don’t work with them as often as you would like to. Or, if you go ahead and work with them anyways, you are not remotely getting the benefits from them that you could be getting.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to only ever need to take a few seconds to do step 4 of 4C’ing with your tingshas and be able to work with whatever you need or want almost instantly, knowing that they’re at their optimum to empower you?
    I have the perfect solution for you, Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Core Bowl Sets are hand-carved and hand-polished Moroccan White Selenite bowls with a Chipstone blend that does steps 1 – 3 of 4C’ing for you 24/7, plus, does 2 additional things for you; grounds harmful energies into the Earth, where it is transmuted into whatever energy is needed and amplifies the innate energies of the other stones. Your cystals and stones can either be placed inside the bowls, or, if they're larger than the circumference of they bowl, they can sit on top of the bowl, so these make fabulous stands for your crystals and stones, no matter their shape.  Remember, if you are putting multiple stone types inside one bowl, make sure that their energies are compatible with each other. The larger bowls are perfect for the stone and guide sets you have from me. You have multiple sizes to choose from in the drop-down menu. Slight variances in size is to be expected, as the bowls are hand-carved and polished. Any stones inside the bowls pictured, (besides the chipstones), are examples and are not included. 6-inch bowls will comfortably hold 6 - 8 powerstone size pieces. 8-inch will comfortably hold 8 - 12 powerstone size pieces. This size is great for the larger module packs from me. If you don't already have properly made 7-metal tingshas, you can grab yours here.
    Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ Robin Z