Rebellious Enrollment & Course Pack Options
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    Audit level is the self-led Rebellious 3 course suite only.

    Enrollment with Course Pack Options -Everything you need to complete the StoneWork exercises in Rebellious course 3: Intro to Embodied Soul Alchemy.

    You have 2 options to choose from Basic and Deluxe. Both include:

    • 4-piece small Crystal Points Set (Brazilian Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, & Citrine)

    • 1 Master Stone Type Pendulum (Brazilian Quartz, or Rose Quartz, or Amethyst, or Black Tourmaline, or Moroccan White Selenite)
    • 3 Environmental Sized Stones (3+ inches for most stone types) (3 different stone types)
    • 4 Carrying Stones (4 different stone types)
    • 4 Bracelet Circuit Sets (8 total bracelets) (4 different stone types)


    Plus for Basic: Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian set for manual 4C'ing:

    • 1 6 - 8-inch Moroccan White Selenite slab

    • 2lbs of Black Tourmaline Chipstones

    • Proper ratio 7-metal Tingshas

    To mannually cleanse, clear, charge with life force energy, and reset the dominant oscillatory rate of your tools.

    (This does not energize, amplify, or ground like the bowl sets in the deluxe option do, and is very time consuming to do.)

    Plus for Deluxe Crystal & Stone Keeper Guardian Bowl Sets: 

    You'll get 8 Guardian Bowl sets: 1 2-inch, 3 4-inch, & 4 3-inch, sets.

    Each set includes:

    • 1 Moroccan White Selenite Bowl

    • Proprietary chipstone blend that:                         

              > Cleanses

              > Clears

              > Charges

              > Energize and Amplify

              > Grounds

    the energy of the stones in your set, properly maintaining their Energetic Hygiene, allowing them to be ready at a moment's notice to help you before direct use.

    This also allows you to safely display them without worry of ever contaminating them with negative or harmful energy, or allowing stagnant energy to accumulate around the stones, which would drain their energy.

    With either course pack you choose,  you'll be able to complete the StoneWork exercises with crystals & stones all hand-picked by me to resonate with Your Unique Energetic Signature so that you know you’ve got stones that are in the best possible alignment to work with you and for you.