Magickal Manifestation Masterclass

Magickal Manifestation Masterclass
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Magickal Manifestation Masterclass

Are you ready for some Kick-Ass manifestation?

  • The definition of magick is manipulating energy to a desired result. 
  • The definition of manifestation is manipulating energy to a desired result. 
They are one and the same, but how we view them can be vastly different, depending on our cultural and religious background. 

We’re going to add in a spoken energetic activation chant, i.e., a spell. We’re going to repeat each line 3 times because it is seen as a magickal number throughout history, and it is. It is because it is meant to address energies in: those beliefs are stored in our body as emotions, (the body, the mind, & the part of the soul inhabiting our physical vessel).  

  1. The energy of the universe that must come into alignment for us to have our desires. 
  2. The energy in the close environment around us that is not supportive of our desires.

What You Get:

  • What You'll Learn:
    • The Do's & Don'ts of Kick-Ass Intentions & Affirmations
    • The Sacred Number of Manifestation
    • This grid utilizes 5 stone types, with 5 being the number of manifestation and you'll learn all about it here.

  • The Magickal Manifestation Grid
    • This grid marries the innate energies of 5 powerful stone types together with a sacred geometry grid in the form of a double pentagram and you'll learn why here.


  • The innate energies of the Magickal Manifestation Stones
    • The set for this masterclass combines the two most traditional stones to empower magick, Amber & Jet, the two most widely utilized stone types in manifestation Selenite & Black Tourmaline, and the “Phoenix Stone” Campo Del Cielo Meteorite and you'll discover all about their ancient innate energies in this masterclass.

  • Working with Your Magickal Manifestation Grid
    • The Optimal Placement of where to set it up
    • How to set it up
    • Your Intention
    • How to Activate it
    • The Powerful Magickal Manifestation Invocation that sets Your Manifestation in Motion
    • Maintenance for Your Grid


  • Optional Supporting Stone Work
    • All in video format with audio downloads for you to consume in the way that works best for you.
    • Lifetime access too along with any curriculum updates!

  • Downloadables
    • Printable Magickal Manifestation Workbook PDF
    • Innate Energies PDFS

  • Services
  • 1 Month Voxer Magickal Manifestation Masterclass Small Group Chat
    • Where I will be available for you to ask me any questions you have about the curriculum in this masterclass, get guidance on creating your intention for this grid, grid placement, setup maitenance, troubleshooting etc.
    • I will reply within 24 hours or less, (usually waaay less), Monday through Thursday. Fridays will usually be answered same day and weekend communications will be answered on Mondays.
    • This is done in a group chat format so that others can benefit from your questions and save you significant moolah.

  • Course Pack
    • 22-piece Magickal Manifestation Grid singularly linked to a Manifestation Guide just for You
    • 5-piece Carrying Set linked to Your Guide so that you can receive guidance even when you aren't near or actively working with your grid.

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  • Full Price of $888 begins on May 1st, 2023. Course access begins in July.