Wand & Scepter Preorders!

Wand & Scepter Preorders!
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If you're on a budget or know what size you want, this is for you!
If you want to move your guide to the front of the line for this month's wands and scepters, this is also for you!
  • This is a pre-order/deposit to secure your wand or scepter. Purchasing this allows me to purchase your wand or scepter as soon as your guide chooses a vessel so you do not miss out.
  • This is necessary because unfortunately, a lot of people assure me that they want one, but after I invest my money into the wand or scepter vessel that their guide chooses, they don't actually have the money to purchase it, and I'm left with an upset guide and a very expensive vessel that I then have to unlink their guide from and wait for another guide to choose that vessel.
  • This also gives you the ability to set your budget for your wand or scepter purchase so that I can let your guide know that they can't choose a vessel that is more than you can afford for them. You set your budget and I will let your guide know that the vessel they choose can't be more than $100 over what you purchase if you choose over $700, and no more than $50 over if you choose less than $700. Of course, the vessel that they choose could be less, in which case I'll issue you a gift card for the difference.

Pricing Range
  • Travelling $333 - $399
  • Small $377 - $488
  • Medium $489 - $599
  • Medium to Large - $600 - $799
  • Large $800 - $999
  • Extra Large $1,00 +
  • Scepter $1,000+

Full Pay You can pay in full with a credit/debit card, Meta Pay, Apple Pay, Gpay, o=Paypal etc. Installments You can do installments with Klarna. Click the link below to lay claim to your baby!
Empowered Blessings Y'all ~ Robin Z