The Arsenal aka the I Want it All Because I'm Fucking Worth It Luxury Cleansing Bars Convenience Bundle
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    This conveinance bundle includes 18 Ritualize Luxury Cleansing Bars:

    1. Purification & Protection
    2. Energize
    3. Chill the Fuck Out
    4. Body Sovereignty
    5. Mental Sovereignty
    6. Emotional Sovereignty
    7. Inner Peace
    8. Attitude of Gratitude
    9. Purpose & Clairity
    10. Personal Power & Authenticty
    11. Wisdom & Focus
    12. Spiritual Protection
    13. Releasing that which No Longer Serves
    14. New Beginnings
    15. Balance
    16. Sacred Communication: Psychic Sovereignty
    17. Sacred Money - Financial Sovereignty
    18. Sacred Respect: Relationship Sovereignty

    Be prepared for anything life throws at you with this bundle. Fantastic for gift giving for any occasion.

    You can get all the deets on the bars Here on their info page.